What are the business benefits of being the #1 trending topic on Twitter?

For the last few months, BestBuzz has been participating in #PrintChat. This Tweetchat happens every Wednesday at 3 PM Central. It is hosted by Deborah Corn from Print Media Center and is attended by people who want to discuss and debate all things in the printing industry. BestBuzz is not a printing company, but we attend #PrintChat because we value the printing industry for our social media amplification platform. Simply put, BestBuzz relies on print to connect smartphone users from creative and innovative print to a rewarding digital experience.

See what your peers are saying with a Tweetchat

Tweetchats give you access to industry knowledge

Will we keep #PrintChat a trending topic?

Last week, BestBuzz was given the opportunity to host #PrintChat. This was such an honor and not a responsibility taken lightly by BestBuzz tweeter, and author of this blog, yours truly, Ondine Bult. #PrintChat has regularly been a trending topic (TT) on Twitter and has even been known to hit the #1 trending topic spot.

I must admit, I was very nervous before the chat. Deb, Sandy Hubbard and Marco Morales as well as all the other “PrintChatters” always have such a wonderful lively #PrintChat, I hoped my questions for the community would be up to par.

Thankfully, everyone grabbed the topic by the tweetchat horns and gave us some wonderful insights in to how print can be used to drive dynamic interactive multi-media campaigns. (You can see the entire Tweetchat here on Storify.)

How did we do?

#PrintChat is always a lively Tweetchat and this week proved to be no exception. When the hour was up Marco Morales delivered the statistics report from @hashtracking.

Reach out using Twitterchats

Get your brand trending on Twitter with a Tweetchat

#Printchat, hosted by BestBuzz generated
3,544,458 impressions from 1,410 tweets!!!
Trending at #1 above the WORLD SERIES BASEBALL !!!

What are the benefits of being #1 trending topic on Twitter?

Amazing statistics indeed but what does it mean in terms of improving our business? Tweetchats are an important tool for us to:

  1. Keep in touch with industry trends
  2. Get in contact with the key influencers in our market place
  3. Help us to understand the level of knowledge in the market place and create appropriate content
  4. Propel our brand to the rest of Twitter. Meaning we got worldwide exposure for our brand, by simply sitting and engaging with our target market and influencers within it.
  5. Connect with new customers!
Tweetchats reach the world!

Reach new customers worldwide with a Tweetchat.

#PrintChat will always be a fun and engaging way to connect with respected market leaders and learn from them, without a sales pitch or pressured sale. It’s a warm safe place to flock to on a Humpday Wednesday afternoon. We have connected with businesses as far away as the UK, New Zealand and South Africa and reconnected with businesses right here on our doorstep in Dallas.

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