Recap of the Mobile Marketing Association Forum.

Mobile Marketing Association Conference New York 2013

Mobile Marketing Association Conference New York 2013

BestBuzz had the pleasure of attending the Mobile Marketing Association Forum last week. We never miss the opportunity to share and learn among the industries best.

Here are major “buzz” topics going around the mobile community.

Nomophobia Exists and is Spreading.

We learned a new term over the weekend at the MMA Forum thanks to Tomi Ahonen. Ever lose or break your phone? Did you feel anxiety because you no longer had your cellular companion? There is an actual word for that..a phobia even. You were suffering from a nomophobia and occurrence is on the rise. Nomophobia is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact. The term is an abbreviation for “no-mobile-phone phobia”.  As for treatments for nomophobia, we suggest taking it one day at a time. To really overcome nomophobia try the four day Digital Detox Camp.

“Mobile is the 7th Medium, better than internet or television”, Tomi Ahonen.  Speaker at MMA New York

Mobile is Massive and Still Undervalued.

Speakers at the Mobile Marketing Association Forum revealed how much we use our phones and the statistics are shocking. Stats like 12% percent of women use their cell phones during sex, and 75% of people bring their phone to the bathroom, reinforce that mobile mania is here.

“There are more iPhones sold per day, than babies born”  Scott Hendrickson, PayPal. Speaker at MMA New York.

A simple question of how many in attendance had slept with their phone right next to them was followed by a room full of hands. This sea of hands concur our lives are linked to our phones.  Excellent news for BestBuzz and people involved in mobile attending the conference.  Dollars spent on mobile marketing are dollars well spent.

Big Data is Here.

Using Big Data to understand the holistic view of a consumers footprint was talked about by many of the MMA members. What is big data? Our friend, Wikipedia defines big data as a collection of data sets so large and complex that it becomes difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications.

“90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.” -IBM

That’s just the start, much of it is coming from new sources including apps, platforms, blogs, social media, internet search, and sensor networks. According to Mark Zukenberg and Ebay this data will double in a year or two.

Expect More Text.

Our phones follow us everywhere, so it’s only natural that smart marketers will use our phones to communicate with us. Expect more businesses to get ya to drink their Kool Aid via text.

“Kazakhstan has started to use SMS notifications to send court order subpoenas (to require witnesses to appear in court) in civil lawsuit cases via SMS.” -Central Asia Online.

The number one rule for SMS marketing is that you need permission to engage with a mobile device. Permission can be obtained by customers replying to a text message confirming they are willing to share their location with a brand or customers giving permission within a web opt-in form that captures their mobile phone numbers.

Here is a Vine our CEO Carrie Layne created while at the Mobile Marketing Association Forum.

Get in the Integrated Mobile Marketing Space with Custom QR codes

QR codes; those funny little square things you see placed innocuously on product packaging and in glossy magazine ads. They appear on shelves next to products in supermarkets, car dealerships and home improvement stores. But do you know what they do? Do you know what they can do for your business if used in the right way? Did you know that these funny little boxes can actually provide you with in depth reporting about your customers and launch you in to the integrated mobile marketing space?

Vote for BestBuzz by scanning this QR code

Scan this code to see how a regular QR code works

Who is using them?

According to a survey released in February 2013*:

  • 1 in 5 Americans say they have used a QR code.
  • The USA ranks as Number 1 in QR code use.
  • 27% of those that scan QR codes are aged 18-34.

Why do people scan QR codes?

QR codes are a quick way of getting information. See a code, scan it with your phone and instantly get digital information delivered to the palm of your hands on your smartphone. They have been traditionally used to show a video or visit a mobile version of a website, but QR codes can do so much more and be incredibly interactive.

What can you do with QR codes for your business?

Custom QR codes can make your integrated mobile marketing campaigns more effective by simply adding them to the print media you are already producing. Do you advertise in your local newspaper? Do you have posters and flyers advertising your businesses and events? Do you print menus or price lists? Just add a custom QR code on your next round of print media and have an extra 19%* of people see your message on their smartphone.

Which QR code company should you use?

Well, you can go ahead and get a QR code printed for free and link it to a static version of your website, (Boring for your customers and not very worthwhile for your business.) or you can use BestBuzz to create a custom QR Code that rewards your customers for scanning your code and drives your mobile marketing campaign to 25 x more people.

BestBuzz is designed for businesses to get maximum exposure from custom QR Code scans. Not only does BestBuzz have awesome patented round QR codes that stand out in all the QR Co0de clutter, we even make custom ones with your very own business logo.  These custom codes also link to your customer’s social media accounts. So instead of just being in your customers’ hands, you can also be in all their friends’ hands too.

Call us for a Custom QR code for your business

BestBuzz specializes in Custom QR codes

BestBuzz also provides full analytics and reporting on who is scanning your code, what type of phone they are using and where in the country they are. It also lets you see how many people you are reaching on social media and which platform your customers and their friends are most active on. Everyone knows that data is the key to understanding your customer and BestBuzz gives you amazing data that you can use to make sure you are in front of your customers and offering them what they want to hear.

To learn how BestBuzz can get launch you in to the integrated mobile marketing space  you can attend an line demo by clicking here:

To see how BestBuzz powered an amazing integrated mobile marketing campaign using custom QR codes for Bakers Ribs download the case study, here.

We always love to hear what you are doing to make your mobile marketing buzz-worthy. What tips do you have for businesses using QR codes?
*(Pitney Bowes survey of 2,000 consumers in the US and 1,000 in France, Germany, and the UK respectively.)

BestBuzz CEO Carrie Layne Slated to Speak at Integrated Marketing Week in June

Carrie Layne IMW13 New York SpeakerCarrie Layne, CEO and founder of BestBuzz, presents “How to build a fully integrated marketing campaign in 10 minutes” at Integrated Marketing Week in New York on June 12, 2013. Carrie will present the three simple steps to launch campaigns using mobile entry points to deliver social ROI and enhance the customer experience. The BestBuzz team will review case studies, analytics and data, then explore the tools and tricks that smart brands are using to create viral buzz with every social share.

The Integrated Marketing Week conference will also amplify the voices of power companies such as Google, ESPN, SAP, Save the Children and SiriusXM. Joining Carrie, the speaker lineup includes Seth Godin, Michael Bayle, Ashley Friedlin and Simon Heseltine, just to name a few. With over 40 marketing experts in attendance, it will be an amazing conference for marketers worldwide. See the full list here: IMW 2013 Speakers 

Click here to learn more about the event, and sign up for Integrated Marketing Week now to hear Carrie Layne share “How to build a fully integrated marketing campaign in 10 minutes.”

Here are just a few things that you can expect to take away from IMW.

  • Successfully develop and implement a fully integrated marketing strategy to consistently boost your ROI
  • Utilize advanced analytics to connect all of today’s diverse marketing channels into one, manageable data stream
  • Build profitable online and offline marketing campaigns with consistent brand messaging and exciting, interactive customer experiences
  • Fill in the gaps of your marketing efforts by optimizing the full range of marketing tools – from data-driven multichannel communications and social media to SEO, mobile, video, blogging and beyond.

No such event would be complete without some great parties to open and close the event. The IMW13 Opening Gala will begin on Monday June10 at 6p and this is a party that you will not want to miss. This will be your chance to meet your fellow attendees and speakers and start making long lasting connections right away.

Carrie does hope to meet and speak with each and every one of you at the conference. Until then, if you want to learn more about BestBuzz, just text IMW13 to 635-66 and scan the BuzzCode below.

Carrie Layne is Spreading the Word about Mobile Marketing to Tech Cocktail & at the ROW Summit

BestBuzz Integrated Mobile Marketing Diagram

BestBuzz Integrated Mobile Marketing Diagram

Word of Mouth Goes Digital

We all know that word of mouth is the best form of advertising a business can ask for, but in this fast-pace, multi-tasking society, not many people have time to sit and chat. These days people tend to post, tweet or pin about their favorite brands or businesses using their mobile devices. Like it or not, you need a mobile marketing strategy that encourages people to talk about you in the social media space.

Sure, most businesses now have their own social media accounts, but how do they attract people that aren’t fans on Facebook or following them on Twitter? How do they give a digital life to those offers and promotions that are traditionally offered once a customer is already in store or purchasing their product?

Tech Cocktail Gets the BestBuzz Lowdown

Tech Cocktail sat down with Founder and CEO of BestBuzz, Carrie Layne, and discovered how you can Partner with BestBuzz to stimulate and track digital buzz for your brand.  

In the article, Layne, a 14-year veteran in the interactive and digital space, explains that she founded BestBuzz to empower businesses and brands in the ever changing world of digital marketing. Using BestBuzz enables businesses the ability to reward customers through several mobile entry points, (such as SMS text, NFC tags, image recognition & QR Codes) and also have access to  a powerful dashboard of data and analytics so they can create and track mobile marketing campaigns.

The BestBuzz solution solves many problems businesses have; such as maintaining a presence in the social media space, gaining a better understanding of who your customers are, how they prefer to interact with you as well as where you need to be to attract new ones.

Ask the BestBuzz Founder Your Mobile Marketing Questions

If you would like to glean more information from Carrie, she will welcome your questions at the Results Orientated Web Summit, Friday April 12th 2013. She will be a presenter at the Strategy + Social Media + SEO + Mobile = Results panel at 11:00 AM along with Lissa Duty, Andra Dunn, John Nosal and panel moderator, Tonya Cauduro.

Are you looking to start a Mobile Marketing campaign or fine tune your mobile marketing practices? Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with industry trends and best practices.


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QR Codes Get Fishy

How can you reach your restaurant customers with your Mobile Marketing Campaign?

How can you reach your restaurant customers with your Mobile Marketing Campaign?

QR codes are incredibly versatile, so versatile that any business will benefit from using one.The black and white squares act as an instant link between brands and smartphone owners.Opening up the communication channel to tell the user anything you want.  Even Fun Fish Facts!

I know fish may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of QR codes, but sustainability of our oceans is a hot topic right now and what better way to get the message out there than when your customers are salivating over some sashimi?

QR codes Educate Diners

One restaurant in California is using QR codes in a unique way to better educate its smartphone assisted sushi diners about the fish stocks in our oceans. Mobile Commerce News (March 27th 2013 edition), writes about a sushi restaurant, Harney Sushi in California, painting edible QR codes on rice paper which are then displayed on the customers plate. As we all know, “dining with our device” in now common place, as is adding pics of our plates to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using our Apple or Android smartphone , so enticing customers to scan a QR code at supper is the next natural step.

The QR codes at Harney Sushi link to the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration website (NOAA for short.) where diners are told about the sustainability of the fish they are eating. Mobile Commerce News says this is now sparking a worldwide trend.

Make Your QR Codes and Mobile Marketing Buzz

How can this campaign be even more effective? When trying to educate a population about an issue, the more people that know the better. So why not have those users spread NOAA’s FishWatch message among all their friends, too? By using BestBuzz QR codes or “BuzzCodes,” fish connoisseurs can connect to their social media when they scan a buzz code and tell all their eco-warrior friends how the restaurant they are eating at is fighting for the fishes!

Schedule Your Demo Now

Has this got your technology taste buds tingling? Do you want to reward your diners for spreading the word about you in an easy-to-measure way? Why not schedule a demo, or sign up for our newsletter or download one of our case studies to see how BestBuzz can place your next mobile marketing campaign in the hands of your customers and allow you to focus on running your business while reaping all the rewards of digital word of mouth reach.

BestBuzz Shakes Up the AAF Dallas – ADDYs

BestBuzz, the leader in Mobile Marketing and Social Reward technology was once again asked to power onsite voting at the AAF Dallas – 2013 Dallas ADDY Awards on February 20th, 2013 at the stunning Hyatt Regency in Dallas, TX. Five hundred attendees enjoyed a wonderful evening celebrating the best and most creative advertising work in Dallas.

For the second consecutive year, the AAF created a special ADDY Award called the People’s Choice Award, which was powered by BestBuzz. This year was the first time student entries were eligible for their own People’s Choice Award.

BestBuzz built a custom voting platform for the ADDYs, which included QR codes, SMS text messaging, social media, and mobile landing pages to seamlessly integrate these technologies and enhance the attendee’s voting experience.   All of the results were calculated and tracked in real-time from the BestBuzz dashboard. The winner was announced near the conclusion of the event by Carrie Layne, the founder and CEO of BestBuzz.

The winner of the Student People’s Choice Award was Jordan Hill / Fed Pacheco, University of North Texas for the Get Closer – The Sixth Floor Museum. The winner of the People’s Choice Award went to Firehouse for Interstate Batteries and “No Battery lasts Longer” Print Campaign.

The 2013 ADDY Award Winners Firehouse powered by BestBuzz

BestBuzz CEO Carrie Layne with the 2013 Peoples Choice Award ADDY Winners,Firehouse.

Carrie has quite the reputation in the Mobile Marketing world for being uniquely active in the space. She has 2 QR codes tattooed on her arm and is known throughout North America as the CEO with “Skin in the Game;” so when it came to announcing the winner of the People’s Choice Awards she wanted to shake up the room. In keeping with current digital trends, Carrie, invited the 500 attendee’s to get to their feet and become part of one of the largest Harlem Shakes in Dallas history!

“We are very excited to be asked to be part of the ADDY Awards for the second consecutive year!  The most thrilling part of the night is when we get to honor the People’s Choice Award winner with their own ADDY award that was voted for by their advertising peers,” said Carrie, before placing a paper bag on her head and leading the room  to a dancing frenzy.

But there is a more serious side to BestBuzz and that is one of delivering real-time solutions to events and brands that revolutionize traditional activities and maximize results. BestBuzz put a system in place, so that the voting couldn’t be gamed.

As a result of the BestBuzz platform, 110 attendees scanned the BestBuzz QR codes, and voted for their favorite creative artwork.  The Dallas ADDY campaign reached over 18,000 social media impressions in just two hours.

Other big winners of the night included:

Best of Show Overall: TM Advertising for Amber Ayres and the Best Friends Campaign

Best of Show TV: The Richards Group for Accor North America and Metamorphosis for Hotel 6

Caliber Creative for Gold Addy Awards in Packaging, Brochure, Special Event Material, Consumer, Local

Users can download the free BestBuzz QR code reader by texting the word “BUZZ” to 635-66.   BestBuzz is available for Apple, Android, and BlackBerry 6.0+.  Businesses can receive a free consultation and trial by contacting BestBuzz and mentioning the code ADDYBUZZ through March 20th, 2013.

For media inquiries please contact