How to Use QR Codes

How to Use QR Codes

Custom QR Codes from BestBuzz the leader in Mobile Marketing Technology

Custom QR Codes from BestBuzz the leader in Mobile Marketing Technology

QR Codes pack an information punch. These codes are one of many Mobile Entry Points, such as NFC, image recognition, barcodes and SMS Text Messaging. Mobile Entry Points bridge the gap between the physical and digital world when accessed via a mobile phone.  The QR Code pattern can hold up to 4,296 alpha-numeric characters; Way more than old school barcodes that can only hold 12-20 numbers. Even though most QR Codes have the same generic black and white look, don’t be deceived; not all QR codes are the same.

Dynamic vs. Static

QR Codes can be dynamic or static. Dynamic QR Codes, also called live QR Codes, can be edited in real time.  The actual QR Code pattern does not change, however the destination can be changed instantly.

A static QR Code on the other hand can never be changed. It will always go to its primary destination. The QR Code pattern is actually made from the text of the link, book  or whatever it links to and is embedded in the pattern. Most QR codes that are created free online are static.

Dynamic QR Codes obviously have the advantage over static QR Codes in Mobile Marketing. If you print your dynamic QR Code on a flyer or other piece of marketing material, you can change the message behind the QR Code without having to reprint the flyer! This makes that piece of marketing collateral all the more valuable as you can always keep it up to date with your latest offer, special or reward.

How to use QR Codes

Qr Codes also have very different uses.  Fast readability and a great storage capacity make them well suited to do the following;

  • -Track
  • -Label
  • -Market
  • -Combination of all three.

Tracking (Logistics)

A tracking QR Code provides logistical information for the producer and is not meant for public use.  The QR Code system was born in 1994 by Toyota to track auto parts during manufacturing.  Tracking QR Codes assist with planning, implementing and controlling the effective and efficient flow of goods and services from the point of creation all the way to the end user. Back end tasks like production management, trace-ability, inventory management, inspection and data entry all benefit from using tracking QR Codes.


Using QR Codes for labeling helps when a surface area is limited and you have a lot of information to share.  Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, fast food and legal companies can all benefit from QR Codes used for labeling.  Long winded text that takes up pages worth of space can be packed into one code.

Labeling QR Codes publicly provide informative text, like terms of usage and nutritional information.  Even boring pages of legal jargon can be quickly accessed from one code.


QR Codes created for marketing create a dynamic link  for customer interaction and engagement in the digital world. Marketing QR Codes connect people to businesses, brands and events. These QR Codes are perfect  for the age old marketing tactic of word of mouth reach in the high tech digital age.

Custom QR Codes are QR Codes for marketing that have been customized with a logo.  This customization creates trust and familiarity and is more likely to be scanned.

Marketing QR codes provide interaction between a consumer and a brand by leading them quickly to information like directions, prices, surveys and social media sites.

Buzz Code

BestBuzz specializes in providing you the perfect QR Code for your business needs. We provide QR Codes for labeling, marketing and tracking.  We like to call them Buzz Codes as they deliver an unique experience over any other QR code you will find in the market place. They have been used by a diverse set of companies, from energy drinks  to movie production companies who want to spread the word about a new movie! BestBuzz also provides you with a dashboard that you can access 24-7 to see how effective your promotions are, what smart-phone platforms your customers are suing and what social media network they prefer to contact you on. We hope this has given you some more information on how to use QR Codes and which QR Code is right for you?

Have you used QR Codes in your mobile marketing?  How are they working for you? Please tell us below:

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  1. Tim Heidenreich says:

    thanks for the Good article on QR codes. We’ve been using them about 2 years and have tried to be creaTIVE with them. one of our clients advertised a QRC on a poster at the county fair, and kids scanned them to sign up for the super-hero club. You just have to be creative!

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