Engage Customers Using Image Recognition Advertising

Engage Customers Using Image Recognition Advertising

Imagine standing in the supermarket, surveying shelf upon shelf of wine bottles and scratching your head in confusion. You don’t know anything about wine except that chardonnay is sweet, champagne is for celebrating and merlot is red but you still have to pick a bottle for a dinner party in a few hours. Now imagine having the power to scan a wine label with your smartphone and read reviews about the brand, learn more about the variety in question and peruse some suggestions about what foods go best with it. With image recognition advertising from BestBuzz, you can pick the perfect bottle and save face in front of your friends.

Image Recognition Advertising

The BestBuzz app uses image recognition to scan your favorite products to launch engaging mobile experiences. Get the BestBuzz app – Text WINE to 635-66.

On the other hand, imagine that you are a company that makes and distributes wine. You are hoping to improve sales by learning what bottles are most interesting and popular to consumers but do not believe that surveys or other low-tech solutions are helping your strategy. By giving customers the power to use image recognition to learn more about your product, you can see what sorts of packaging and sales techniques are drawing consumer attention and easily compile data to compare to your sales records.

Consumer or marketing department, there are many benefits in image recognition and, as science fiction-like as it might sound, it’s not far from being a commonplace reality. The capabilities of the BestBuzz platform are virtually limitless, allowing companies to promote their materials to consumers in an engaging way outside the bounds of what other social marketing techniques can accomplish. Think about your current strategies to sell products and attract customers, and add another layer. That’s image recognition advertising. The BestBuzz mobile platform lets you easily create BestBuzz Mobile Entry Points that allow users to easily interact with your products and advertising campaigns with nothing more than a smartphone and the BestBuzz app.

The possibilities of image recognition go far beyond scanning wine labels. Virtually any image can be used in image recognition advertising, from event ads to product packaging to store displays. Food wrappers can provide nutrition information and coupons, movie posters can lead to a portal to buy advance tickets and a clothing display at a department store can offer outfit ideas and discount codes. No matter the information you are hoping to share, there is a way to do it with an innovative, interactive approach designed to drive engagement and promote brand awareness.

By presenting your logo or other image choice as a way for your consumers to interact with your company, you have the unique opportunity to extend the value of your brand while simultaneously drawing interest and broadening product appreciation. Image recognition advertising can intensify the marketing techniques you use now in a way that will revolutionize the way you connect with customers and the ways in which your business can grow.

What are the unique ways you engage your customers? Have you used image recognition or augmented reality in the past? Comment below!


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