We provide simple everyday natural engagements between consumers, brands and business.

BestBuzz is an easy to use mobile platform that engages and rewards people for promoting your brand on social media.

Our mission at BestBuzz is to help your brand and business grow. We make it easy for people to spread the word about your business online and for you to reward their loyalty. BestBuzz campaigns and promotions are easy to manage with our dashboard and provide immediate and effective results. Simply add another engagement layer to your existing offline and online marketing.

The BestBuzz free mobile app reads QR codes, NFC tags (iPhone as well as Android) and image recognition. The app reads all these major mobile entry points, but it’s most fun and rewarding when you scan BuzzCodes. You can recognize a Buzz QR code by its round shape and customizable logo.

The BestBuzz app is available for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry 6.0+.

Text ‘BUZZ’ to 635-66 to download the free BestBuzz app, or go to our app page for more details.

BestBuzz has a dedicated and passionate team who are always striving to be a leader in mobile marketing and social reward technology.


BestBuzz was founded in Dallas, Texas in 2011 as a direct response to the market demand between consumers, brands and businesses to engage in a more meaningful and rewarding way with the new capabilities smart-phones and social media had to offer. Born from a successful web-based listing company (BestofInc.), BestBuzz grabbed the need for mobile consumers to engage with their favorite businesses in mobile friendly way. As a champion of businesses, BestBuzz provides companies and brands with important engagement and reporting tools to improve engagement with the continuously evolving digital native. This way of working has led to BestBuzz being featured in the Huffington Post and Forbes.com for their marketing campaigns and products that ridiculously push the boundaries of mobile marketing.


BestBuzz is groundbreaking in the mobile marketing environment. It has six pending/approved patents that provide BestBuzz consumers and brands with competitive and market leading innovations to interact with each other in a seamless and rewarding way.

Since mid 2012, BestBuzz has generated more than 5 clicks for every 1 BuzzCode scan, serving millions of social impressions from organically shared brand messages directly into consumer’s social streams; delivering Word of Mouth buzz for over 200 engagements with F1000 global, national and regional brands, and leading digital agencies.

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Carrie Layne
Founder and CEO
Howard Brawdy
CTO / Co-Founder
Amelia Bernhardt
Marketing & Strategic Alliances Coordinator
Security and Customs Officer