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Professional Graphic Design brings your branded message to the world.
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It's an all new BestBuzz! Earn rewards from your favorite brands and share them with your friends.
TV and Print Media Results Soar
Use image recognition to create augmented reality experiences for customers.
Increase earned media value 25x
Turn up the volume with the BestBuzz social amplification platform. Simply add a layer of buzz to your paid and owned media.
BestBuzz provides tools for business owners to let their customers generate Buzz for their business through social media. Enter your number, and we'll send you a link to download the free BestBuzz app.
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BestBuzz helps your brand grow
Grow your customers with word of mouth. Watch your buzz grow from our dashboard. Reward customers for their loyalty.
Create the Buzz
This easy-to-follow guide gives restaurant owners and marketers the keys to mastering restaurant marketing. We have carried out extensive research and pulled from our case studies to give you a well-rounded guide you can start using today.
Mobile Entry Points to Engage your Audience
QR Code

Quick Response codes can be scanned to instantly launch engaging mobile experiences.


Near Field Communications can activate a mobile phone instantly when held up to an NFC tag.


SMS text is an easy way to send your loyal customers updates on all the latest  offers and promotions.

UPC Barcode

The easiest way to start. Most phones will scan 2D barcodes and will launch mobile experiences.

Image Recognition

Image recognition allows brands to engage customers using logos and other branded collateral.

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Engage Customers Using Image Recognition Advertising
Imagine standing in the supermarket, surveying shelf upon shelf of wine bottles and scratching your head in confusion. You don’t know anything about…
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Image recognition brings print to life in the digital world
Connect your print to the digital space with image recognition  Consolidated Graphics (CGX) is North America’s leading general commercial print…
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Whether you are brand new to social media, or were an early adopter, social media design can be quite confusing. You have cover photos, thumbnail imag…
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How Do I Get a QR Code to Make Me a Winner?
We love our buzzers, and we love to make them winners. A few weeks ago, we gave away 100 free tickets for Taste of Dallas to people who downloaded our…
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BestBuzz has a very simple mission: make connections and start conversations. BestBuzz knows that word of mouth reach is the best way to drive people …
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Mobile Marketing in the Automotive World In this mobile and social media focused world, car sales can be increased by turning two-dimensional print ad…
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How Image Recognition can help you find the BEST restaurant in Dallas
July 12th-14th sees the Taste of Dallas return to Fair Park and we are happy to combine this event with the launch of our new Image Recognition techno…
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Use QR Codes to Build Buzz about Social Media Day Events
With the continuously growing presence of social media, it was only a matter of time before Social Media Day was born. As Facebook expands, Twitter ex…
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5 Easy Steps on how to Market a Restaurant to increase word of mouth reach
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BestBuzz Uses Image Recognition to Power Integrated Marketing Week 2013
Integrated Marketing Week was powered by BestBuzz’s Image Recognition Technology The BestBuzz team just got back from the first annual Integrated M…
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Meet the Newest Member of The BestBuzz Family – Image Recognition
The concept of image recognition software seems almost futuristic in execution. Scanning an image and being able to match it to any other photograph o…
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How to Use QR Codes
QR Codes pack an information punch. These codes are one of many Mobile Entry Points, such as NFC, image recognition, barcodes and SMS Text Messaging. …
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Social Rewards Convert Movie Goers
In case you didn’t know, Moviegoers are a great vertical market to target. According to the MPPA In 2010, US Box Office figures were at $10.6 bi…
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Mobile Landing Pages – Get More Customers at your Door in Just 1 Hour!
By now business owners should all know that they need to have a “Mobile Website.” This simply means a website that a smartphone user can s…
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Get in the Integrated Mobile Marketing Space with Custom QR codes
QR codes; those funny little square things you see placed innocuously on product packaging and in glossy magazine ads. They appear on shelves next to …
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BestBuzz Powers Now You See Me Movie Promotion
Ever wondered how everyone gets free passes to see a movie before its release date? Well, wonder no more because BestBuzz has the answer! Simply text …
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Image Recognition: What You See is Only Half of What You Get!
  The future is now! Image recognition hit the mainstream with the launch of Google Googles in 2010.  The idea? Pointing your smartphone at an …
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QR Codes at Red Lobster Restaurants Need More Flavor
A few weekends ago, I had the pleasure of going to Red Lobster (One word: Lobsterfest) and noticed something. Well, two things. For one, I wasn’…
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How Ocean Prime uses QR Codes in their Restaurant Marketing Strategy
Lunch at Ocean Prime is always delicious and filling, so after eating just enough to still be productive at work, our team member asked for a take-…
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BestBuzz CEO Carrie Layne Slated to Speak at Integrated Marketing Week in June
Carrie Layne, CEO and founder of BestBuzz, presents “How to build a fully integrated marketing campaign in 10 minutes” at Integrated Marketing Wee…
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Carrie Layne is Spreading the Word about Mobile Marketing to Tech Cocktail & at the ROW Summit
Word of Mouth Goes Digital We all know that word of mouth is the best form of advertising a business can ask for, but in this fast-pace, multi-task…
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QR Codes Get Fishy
QR codes are incredibly versatile, so versatile that any business will benefit from using one.The black and white squares act as an instant link bet…
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BestBuzz QR Codes Power Big Texas Beer Fest
The Big Texas Beer Fest is back and better than ever.  The event, which was founded last year by beer aficionados and husband and wife team,  Chad a…
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