Get in the Integrated Mobile Marketing Space with Custom QR codes

Get in the Integrated Mobile Marketing Space with Custom QR codes

QR codes; those funny little square things you see placed innocuously on product packaging and in glossy magazine ads. They appear on shelves next to products in supermarkets, car dealerships and home improvement stores. But do you know what they do? Do you know what they can do for your business if used in the right way? Did you know that these funny little boxes can actually provide you with in depth reporting about your customers and launch you in to the integrated mobile marketing space?

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Who is using them?

According to a survey released in February 2013*:

  • 1 in 5 Americans say they have used a QR code.
  • The USA ranks as Number 1 in QR code use.
  • 27% of those that scan QR codes are aged 18-34.

Why do people scan QR codes?

QR codes are a quick way of getting information. See a code, scan it with your phone and instantly get digital information delivered to the palm of your hands on your smartphone. They have been traditionally used to show a video or visit a mobile version of a website, but QR codes can do so much more and be incredibly interactive.

What can you do with QR codes for your business?

Custom QR codes can make your integrated mobile marketing campaigns more effective by simply adding them to the print media you are already producing. Do you advertise in your local newspaper? Do you have posters and flyers advertising your businesses and events? Do you print menus or price lists? Just add a custom QR code on your next round of print media and have an extra 19%* of people see your message on their smartphone.

Which QR code company should you use?

Well, you can go ahead and get a QR code printed for free and link it to a static version of your website, (Boring for your customers and not very worthwhile for your business.) or you can use BestBuzz to create a custom QR Code that rewards your customers for scanning your code and drives your mobile marketing campaign to 25 x more people.

BestBuzz is designed for businesses to get maximum exposure from custom QR Code scans. Not only does BestBuzz have awesome patented round QR codes that stand out in all the QR Co0de clutter, we even make custom ones with your very own business logo.  These custom codes also link to your customer’s social media accounts. So instead of just being in your customers’ hands, you can also be in all their friends’ hands too.

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BestBuzz specializes in Custom QR codes

BestBuzz also provides full analytics and reporting on who is scanning your code, what type of phone they are using and where in the country they are. It also lets you see how many people you are reaching on social media and which platform your customers and their friends are most active on. Everyone knows that data is the key to understanding your customer and BestBuzz gives you amazing data that you can use to make sure you are in front of your customers and offering them what they want to hear.

To learn how BestBuzz can get launch you in to the integrated mobile marketing space  you can attend an line demo by clicking here:

To see how BestBuzz powered an amazing integrated mobile marketing campaign using custom QR codes for Bakers Ribs download the case study, here.

We always love to hear what you are doing to make your mobile marketing buzz-worthy. What tips do you have for businesses using QR codes?
*(Pitney Bowes survey of 2,000 consumers in the US and 1,000 in France, Germany, and the UK respectively.)

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