Why I Hate QR Codes!

Why I Hate QR Codes!

Well, why I hate normal QR codes. Let me clarify..

I’ve seen a lot of less-than-thought-out uses of QR codes in marketing. More times than I’d like to count, I’ve scanned a QR code and had it take me to a page that was not optimized for my mobile phone. Or it took me to a page built entirely of Flash, which my dear iPhone cannot read. You name it, we’ve probably seen it (and groaned over it).

QR codes can be a great marketing tool, but businesses are getting caught up in the fad, and they’re giving QR codes a bad rap. QR codes should be a well thought out experience for your customer. What is the purpose of scanning? Exclusive content? Relative content (i.e. bus schedule, festival lineup, etc)? A discount? Adding someone’s contact information to your address book? These are all examples of good uses of QR codes. Sending me a map of where I already am? Taking me to a website that I could have easily just typed in? Showing me the exact artwork of the flyer that I’m currently holding in my hand? Non-mobile site? No directions on how to even scan? Only tested code on an iPhone 4S? These all belong in the QR code Hall of Shame.

I wonder what this guy’s code led to…

QR Codes can promote all kinds of services

Escorts and QR Codes. Why not? We give him props for creativity!

…I can only hope the page was mobile-friendly!

At BestBuzz, we take QR codes to the next level. Before a code leaves our door, we ensure that it’s been tested on over 33 mobile platforms and that the experience is a valuable one for your brand and the customer. We brand each code and always have clear instructions for those who may not know what to do with a QR code. The codes we create for our clients are tested, strategic, and not slapped on as an after-thought.

Danielle Glick, of DG Design, has a few other points on How NOT to Use a QR Code in Your Marketing. Also, check out Mashable’s roundup of the 10 Funniest QR Code Fails. Love it! 


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