Carrie Layne is Spreading the Word about Mobile Marketing to Tech Cocktail & at the ROW Summit

BestBuzz Integrated Mobile Marketing Diagram

BestBuzz Integrated Mobile Marketing Diagram

Word of Mouth Goes Digital

We all know that word of mouth is the best form of advertising a business can ask for, but in this fast-pace, multi-tasking society, not many people have time to sit and chat. These days people tend to post, tweet or pin about their favorite brands or businesses using their mobile devices. Like it or not, you need a mobile marketing strategy that encourages people to talk about you in the social media space.

Sure, most businesses now have their own social media accounts, but how do they attract people that aren’t fans on Facebook or following them on Twitter? How do they give a digital life to those offers and promotions that are traditionally offered once a customer is already in store or purchasing their product?

Tech Cocktail Gets the BestBuzz Lowdown

Tech Cocktail sat down with Founder and CEO of BestBuzz, Carrie Layne, and discovered how you can Partner with BestBuzz to stimulate and track digital buzz for your brand.  

In the article, Layne, a 14-year veteran in the interactive and digital space, explains that she founded BestBuzz to empower businesses and brands in the ever changing world of digital marketing. Using BestBuzz enables businesses the ability to reward customers through several mobile entry points, (such as SMS text, NFC tags, image recognition & QR Codes) and also have access to  a powerful dashboard of data and analytics so they can create and track mobile marketing campaigns.

The BestBuzz solution solves many problems businesses have; such as maintaining a presence in the social media space, gaining a better understanding of who your customers are, how they prefer to interact with you as well as where you need to be to attract new ones.

Ask the BestBuzz Founder Your Mobile Marketing Questions

If you would like to glean more information from Carrie, she will welcome your questions at the Results Orientated Web Summit, Friday April 12th 2013. She will be a presenter at the Strategy + Social Media + SEO + Mobile = Results panel at 11:00 AM along with Lissa Duty, Andra Dunn, John Nosal and panel moderator, Tonya Cauduro.

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Tech Cocktail supports the Dallas Startup Buzz

Tech Co supports Startups

Tech Cocktail event celebrates Dallas Tech Startup BestBuzz

Tech Cocktail and Startup America joined forces last night to support and honor The Hottest Startups in Dallas, Texas.  The event was buzzing as media, investors, job seekers, and entrepreneurs gathered at the hottest co-working space in Deep Ellum, The Common Desk, to take a peek and learn more about the 10 hottest startups in Dallas.

Featured Dallas Startups included:photo 1











During the event, the 10 startups were given a booth to display their innovative products and services to attendees, which included other startup teams, investors and key Dallas community business leaders.



BestBuzz Swag at the Tech Cocktail event in Dallas

Startup sensations BestBuzz and dangilovethat

Ian Jarret shows some love by sporting BestBuzz shades.


Tech Cocktail has been of great support to BestBuzz founder & CEO, Carrie Layne, by covering topics ranging from the highs and lows of startup life to entrepreneur tips and advice.

Carrie Layne says, “It’s exciting to see buzz around the tech startup scene happening in Dallas. After years of being in the space, I have seen it grow tremendously over the last several months.  I feel like Dallas entrepreneurs are finally getting the recognition and support from invaluable organizations like Startup America and Startup Texas.

Support from organizations like Tech Cocktail, Startup America and Startup Texas has helped in growing the Dallas hot bed of entrepreneurial activity, which is now thought to include at least 180 companies!


As you will see in this featured post in The New York Times about Startup America: Helping Start-Ups With Local Support and National Networks, the initial focus was to provide support to startups through deals on goods and services, like 40 percent off FedEx shipping and free flights onAmerican Airlines. But the group quickly realized that startups needed more practical help, like sharing best practices and networking. It is initiatives like these that spawn great Tech Events in places such as Dallas. Did you know? Startups in Texas generated over $300 million in revenue for the Lone Star State. If you are interested in learning more, click here.

BestBuzz gave attendees who downloaded and scanned their innovative QR codes at the event a chance to win cool prizes. They are generously extending this competition to readers of this blog. So be sure to Text BUZZ to 63566 and scan the QR code with the BestBuzz app and enter your details to win. You can also request a demo to see how BestBuzz can make your mobile marketing and social reward technology up to 25X more effective than other tools.