10 Best Practices for Pinterest Mobile Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Since the release of the Pinterest mobile app, use of the social network on mobile devices has skyrocketed in comparison with the web version and continues to grow. Pinterest is now one of the top contributors of traffic for bloggers and brands and much of this is thanks to Pinterest mobile. A recent study shows that 75 percent of all daily Pinterest traffic comes from mobile devices while nearly 50 percent of all social sharing on iPads is from Pinterest. So how can you increase the likelihood that your pins get shared and clicked-through on the mobile app?
Here’s a handy infographic tilted Complete Guide to Pinterest Mobile Marketing from everypost team that proposes some tips to successfully marketing on Pinterest mobile.

Some key takeaways are:

Use easy to read fonts: Make sure text images are legible on a small screen.

Share GIFs: GIFs are very engaging and can be viewed in the iOS and Android app.

Caution! Links in Pin Descriptions are not Clickable: Make sure your pins link back to your website under “source”. Links in the pin description are not clickable on Pinterest mobile.

pinterest mobile marketing infographic

Source: 10 Best Practices for Pinterest Mobile Marketing Infographic



Word of Mouth Has the Biggest Impact on Purchase Decisions (Not Media)

Consumers are more influenced by word of mouth in buying decisions than by print media, TV and movies, brand websites and even social media.

Top 10 points of influence to engage consumers to buy

That is the finding from Google, which partnered with TNS and Ogilvy to explore how to engage consumers overloaded with information and technology.

The six-month survey of 2,458 recent purchasers of auto vehicles, beauty products and smartphones found that word of mouth topped the influence list.

Top ten points of influence:

  1. Word of mouth (74%)
  2. Retailers and store visits (69%)
  3. You Tube – how-to videos, product visualisation, entertainment (64%)
  4. Twitter (61%)
  5. Company/brand websites (59%)
  6. Facebook (56%)
  7. Pinterest (56%)
  8. Newspapers and magazines (55%)
  9. TV and movies (51%)
  10. Search (51%)

The study – revealed that consumers now make purchasing decisions in the same way they consume content – with the purpose of choosing brands that engage their passion and interests.

“With consumer behavior changing so quickly, understanding that the path to purchase is actually a path to purpose has meaningful implications for brand advertising at all stages along the consumer journey,” said Brandon Berger, worldwide chief digital officer at Ogilvy & Mather.

How Tech and Social Media Are Changing Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

People use technology more than ever to help find places to go. Technology also helps vacationers enjoy themselves after they reach their destinations. But just how much is technology changing the way we travel?

More than 40% of online traffic related to travel queries now comes from mobile devices.

Just because people are on break, doesn’t necessarily mean they are taking a break from their devices. More than 80% of international vacationers use their smartphones while abroad. On average 44% of travelers use their smartphone to research travel while they’re traveling.

Thanks to the great people at Lab 42 we have the latest tips on how technology and social media are changing our travel experiences in the easy-to-follow infographic below.

What role do tech and social media play in your destination marketing campaign planning? Let us know in the comments.

 How Tech and Social Media Are Changing Travel [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Mobile and the Store of the Future- SocialMediaToday Webinar

Mobile and the Store of the Future

An exclusive, live webinar from Social Media Today
February 4th at 12pm EST / 9am PST

Join the Webinar:  http://socialmediatoday.com/mobile-store-webinar

Social Media Today Webinar with BestBuzz CEO, Carrie Layne

Mobile and the Store of the Future- Mobile Marketing

The future of retail is in the palm of your hands. Pew Research Center reports 91 percent of American adults use a cell phone—not just for calling and texting. More and more shoppers are using them to locate, research, compare, and purchase products. And cutting-edge retailers are utilizing their customers’ devotion to devices with QR codes, to connect with coupons, and offer a higher level of customer care.


Now it’s a matter of moving with the mobile momentum. Join us to learn how to use mobile devices as a channel to enhance the shopping experience and develop more meaningful relationships with your mobile-savvy consumers. Points our panelists will touch on:

  • Setting clear goals for a successful CRM deployment.
  • Putting location-based messaging to work for you.
  • The benefits of shopping apps for your customers.
  • Best practices for mobile campaigns.
  • The importance of a social strategy.

Join the Webinar:  http://socialmediatoday.com/mobile-store-webinar

About the Panel:

Carrie Layne, founder and CEO of BestBuzz, is a pioneer in the digital marketing space with over 15 years of industry experience and has worked with brands including Cadillac, Proctor & Gamble, HP, Coca-Cola, Domino’s Pizza, MetroPCS, [yellow tail], Mary Kay, Penguin Random House, and several leading digital agencies and PR firms.Recognized as a serial entrepreneur, she launched her first company while living in the Cayman Islands. Since 2004, Layne has built four successful businesses and in 2011, Layne launched BestBuzz, a mobile app that rewards customers for generating “buzz” about the best places and products. BestBuzz helps brands boost customer acquisition and drive loyalty through mobile activation triggers and social amplification tools which are managed and tracked through the BestBuzz marketing platform. Connect with Carrie on Twitter @carrielayne and on LinkedIn.

Bonnie Stice is a Senior Manager of Digital and Social Media for AT&T. In her current role, she is a member of the Corporate Communications team, where she primarily focuses on community engagement for AT&T’s main social media channels.Bonnie is from Austin, Texas where she attended the University of Texas at Austin and obtained a degree in Public Relations with a concentration in Business. She’s a music lover – especially when it’s live and loud. When she’s not tweeting, she’s kayaking, running, and volunteering. @blstice

Kayla Green is the Digital Strategy Director for Saatchi & Saatchi in Los Angeles, working on strategic initiatives for one of SaatchiLA’s largest clients, Toyota, with a focus on digital and mobile priorities. Kayla joined the SaatchiLA team from iconmobile, a WPP-owned mobile technology and marketing organization where she ran Client Services for some of the organizations’ global clients including Colgate-Palmolive, Ford, Kimberly-Clark and Microsoft. Named one of Mobile Marketer’s ’25 Women to Watch’ in 2012, Kayla is also the Los Angeles chapter co-chair and San Francisco chapter founder of SheSays, a global organization for women in digital communications.
Paul Dunay, moderator, is an award-winning B2B marketing expert with more than 20 years’ success in generating demand and creating buzz for leading technology, consumer products, financial services and professional services organizations. Paul is the Global Vice President of Marketing for Maxymiser, a leader in web optimization and analytics, and author of five “Dummies” books: Facebook Marketing for Dummies (Wiley 2009), Social Media and the Contact Center for Dummies (Wiley Custom Publishing 2010), Facebook Advertising for Dummies(Wiley 2010), Facebook Marketing for Dummies 2nd Edition (Wiley 2011) and Facebook Marketing for Dummies 3rd Edition (Wiley 2012).

20 Shocking Social Media Statistics! [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that for every hour a person is online, they spend over 25% of it on social networks? Or how about every month YouTube has nearly 4.5 million hours of video uploaded? These social media statistics are not only shocking, they also give you great insights on how much effort you should be putting into social media marketing. Thanks to the great people at Top Dog Social Media, we have 20 powerful stats in the easy-to-follow infographic below.

Here are some that we found most interesting:

  1. Twitter has over half a billion users and its fastest growing demographic is the 55-64 age group – Tweet it!
  2. Tweets that have one or two hashtags receive 21% higher engagement than those with three or more – Tweet it!
  3. 75% of people access Facebook from their mobile phones – Tweet it!
  4. 1 in 4 customers who complain on social networks expect a response within 1 hour – Tweet it!
  5. LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook & Twitter – Tweet it!
  6. Approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision – Tweet it!



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How Image Recognition Can Boost Sales

Image Recognition is a great way to boost sales and increase revenue to your business.

Are you using Image Recognition to boost sales?

BestBuzz has a very simple mission: make connections and start conversations. BestBuzz knows that word of mouth reach is the best way to drive people to your business and increase sales.

The Dallas based, tech start-up company is based on the simple idea that businesses and people both do better when they support each other. Businesses that use BestBuzz grow and their customers get deals and exclusive offers. It’s one of those rare “everybody wins” situations.

Since its inception almost three years ago, BestBuzz has increased sales for companies as diverse as BeautiControl, Cadillac and Baker’s Ribs (The BBQ restaurant near the BestBuzz office.).

The team at BestBuzz is a collection of industry professionals, whose expertise combined ensure their customers are listened to, clear project deliverable’s are defined and tangible results are delivered.

Founder and CEO, Carrie Layne has used her experience in the digital space along with surviving a Category 5 Hurricane to create a mobile marketing platform that rewards customers and delivers results to any business that uses it.

I know how important a personal recommendation from a friend is to a business, but in this digital age, it’s too slow. BestBuzz allows customers to instantly connect with businesses that reward them and tell all their friends on social media about it, creating massive word of mouth buzz on social media platforms, which translates to increased sales. – Carrie Layne

Layne loves technology, so of course she wanted to make sure that people can connect on all levels. BestBuzz utilizes Mobile Entry Points (MEP’s) such as text messaging, QR Codes, 1D barcodes, and the latest tool in the BestBuzz tool belt, Image Recognition.

Although many attempts at effective image recognition exist online, BestBuzz is the first to master the concept in an intuitive mobile platform.

The loyal “techie” fans know BestBuzz uses QR Codes to give away wonderful prizes and experiences, but this summer, for the first time BestBuzz  used Image Recognition technology to give away 100 FREE tickets to the annual Taste of Dallas tasting event.

Use Image Recognition and see how you can drive sales?

Text TASTE to 635-66 and scan the Chef logo.

Consumers were asked to simply ‘Scan the Man’ above and enter their details to win tickets.

Watch the video of how to scan an image here:

The result? Another runaway BestBuzz successful promotion. Why was it so successful? The free app is easy to download and very easy to use. The analytics dashboard that businesses get 24 – 7 access to provide instant real time results. Businesses can see where in the world consumers are engaging with them, what type of smartphone they are using (The BestBuzz app is available on all four major operating systems.) and what social media network customers to prefer to use to talk to their friends on.

BestBuzz Ipad Winner Image

A sample of data and analytics available on the BestBuzz dashboard.

If you would like to learn more about BestBuzz and see case studies, please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter or visit our website.