Use QR Codes to Build Buzz about Social Media Day Events

Celebrate Social Media Day 2013 in Dallas and promote your event using QR Codes

Celebrate Social Media Day 2013 in Dallas and promote your event using QR Codes

With the continuously growing presence of social media, it was only a matter of time before Social Media Day was born. As Facebook expands, Twitter explodes, and other social media websites find their niche, this is, officially, the social media generation. As such, it only makes sense for everyone to get together and celebrate.

Social media day began back in 2010, when the people at Mashable recognized the power behind it. By that point, Twitter and Facebook had been responsible for aiding political campaigns, helping charities, and connecting people in ways that were impossible only a few years prior. This year, organizers have the chance to use QR codes to help maximize turnout to their events.

QR Codes to Build Buzz for Your Event

While a lot of people might not know how to use a QR code, chances are that those attending a social media day will understand. Once you’ve created your QR code – perhaps a custom QR code – you can link it to a website for your event. Anyone who’s interested in attending will be able to scan the code and get all the information they need – start time, end time, and location. For the savvy social media user, this is substantially easier than trying to memorize details. Plus, if you use a BestBuzz BuzzCode, your attendees will help build awareness of your event when they scan. Our mobile platform automatically shares a message on social media with information about your event, every time someone scans a BuzzCode.

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Looking to Celebrate #SMDay in Dallas?

DFW Rocks Social Media Day

DFW Rocks Social Media Conference uses QR Codes  to get the word out.

DFW Rocks Social Media Conference uses QR Codes to get the word out.

With the slogan “Bringing Knowledge to Businesses in DFW,” DFW Rocks Social Media Day is one of the highlights of the weekend. This year, the event is going to span the weekend of June 29th and June 30th, with different things happening each day. On the 29th, attendees will have the opportunity to see a variety of experts who can help them expand their business by providing practical social media marketing strategies. On the 30th, everyone gets together in one room to work together on learning how to use social media to make their business as great as possible.

Other Meetups

DFW Rocks Social Media Day won’t be the only meet up happening on Social Media Day. You also have the chance to celebrate with Social Media Club of Dallas at 2:00 on the 30th, then with other Mashable Meetups later in the afternoon. How you should you celebrate? Well, besides drinks and appetizers, you should probably tweet and update your Facebook status. It’d be fitting, wouldn’t it?

How are you celebrating Social Media Day this year? Are you hosting an event, attending a Meetup or are you just going to follow the hashtag, #SMDay, from the convenience of your mobile device? Tell us about your plans in the comments; maybe we’ll join you.