BestBuzz Uses Image Recognition to Power Integrated Marketing Week 2013


Integrated Marketing Week was powered by BestBuzz’s Image Recognition Technology

The BestBuzz team just got back from the first annual Integrated Marketing Week 2013 (IMW 2013) presented by eConsultantcy and Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in New York City. IMW 2013 used BestBuzz technology to promote the event and to give away Seth Godin’s newest book, “V is for Vulnerable.” BestBuzz uploaded the cover of Seth’s new book into our image recognition platform which then allowed any user of the BestBuzz app the ability to scan the cover with their smartphones, taking them instantly to a mobile experience. Watch below as the author himself scans his own book for the very first time. The reaction is priceless. You can actually see him say, “that’s cool,” as he uses BestBuzz’s image recognition platform.

Watch Seth Godin #GetBuzzed:  ”VERY COOL!”

Buzz Seth’s Book Cover to Win a Copy!

You can have our image recognition technology at your fingertips just like our CEO, Carrie Layne, and get an opportunity to win a copy of Seth’s book. Grab your smart phone and text the word “BUZZ” to 635-66 to instantly get a link to download the scanner. Connect the app to at least one of your social media networks, and then scan the cover of “V is for Vulnerable” below!


We have two books to give away and the only way to win is to ‘buzz in!’ The winners will be chosen on Friday, June 21, 2013 at 3:00PM CST. Good luck!

Manhattan Was Buzzing About IMW

During the event, you could see people buzzing all over social media about IMW 2013 and Seth Godin’s book giveaway. Tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts and even Google+ messages were flying all over the social-sphere. While were we tracking all of the action in real-time,  it wasn’t until the show was over that we were able to sit down and really analyze insights from the IMW campaign. Using the BestBuzz dashboard you can see how the campaign went viral!


We saw:

- For every one scan10 people clicked on the link posted on social media to learn more about IMW.

- The social reach measured by our dashboard was well over 80,000, but it didn’t stop there. Look at the image below. You can see how just one tweet, that was shared on social media by the BestBuzz app, was retweeted six times to reach an additional audience of over 150,000!


- The majority of users connected the BestBuzz app to their Twitter and LinkedIn pages

- Not completely surprisingly, the majority of people buzzing in were on Apple iPhones.

The rich analytics will help BestBuzz, IMW, and even Seth Godin gain a better understanding of their campaign success and who their customers are.

Do you want to see how to make your next event go viral? Click below to request a demo to see BestBuzz in action for yourself. Whether you are a restaurant owner, marketing manager of a consumer packaged good company, or an event organizer, BestBuzz provides the tool to generate massive word of mouth marketing.