Use Image Recognition to Enhance Your Customers Mobile Experience

At BestBuzz, we use mobile engagement points to connect customers in the physical world to businesses in the digital world. Image Recognition is the PERFECT way to enhance the mobile experience for your customer.

Did you know 61% of Americans have smartphones in their pockets?

How do you reach these users and offer them an enhanced mobile experience using image recognition? How do you not only provide your customers with an enhanced experience, but also provide enhanced value from your print?

BestBuzz Image Recognition

BestBuzz image recognition gives you all the functionality of other image recognition apps, but also has some “secret sauce” added to it. BestBuzz also gives your customers the ability to visit your website, engage with you on social media or even make a purchase, all from their smartphone in seconds.

Watch the quick video below to see how the cover of Seth Godin’s publication V is for Vulnerable provides people who scan it, exclusive access to offers and specials.

We know you want to create that WOW factor for your customers.

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Stand out in the mobile marketing crowd with image recognition and BestBuzz.


Cross Channel Marketing secrets I learned from Print 13

Print 13 and the Printerverse

Secrets of the print industry from Print 13

Print is an industry that I hadn’t interacted with too much before my time at BestBuzz. As our business model works so well with printed materials, I have been mixing with businesses associated with print more and more.

Whether I am working with Dallas based Graphics Group, or partaking in the highly active #PrintChat every Wednesday between 3-4pm CST, I am starting to get the feeling that not only do printing folk provide a very important service that we sometimes take for granted, they may also be the one of the funniest and affable group of people I have worked with to date.

Print 13 Chicago September 8-12th 2013

Print 13 was a held in the windy city of Chicago, September 8-12th 2013. Sadly, I was unable to attend the event, but I knew that this huge gathering of print experts from around the globe was a pulse I wanted to keep my finger on. Thankfully, Print Media Centr  had created the Printerverse,” which, with the aid of Livestream became a  friendly hub of learning for me and other people who were unable to attend the event. (Deely Boppers were optional.)

You are no longer a printing company

My stand out revelation had to be the discussion from the MARKET YOUR PRINTING COMPANY! panel. The cross channel marketing experts were pleasantly moderated by Mary Beth Smith.

In the MARKET YOUR PRINTING COMPANY panel Howard Larsson, Tim Hendricks and James Michelson introduced me to the previously unknown phrase of cross channel marketing. The statement, “You are no longer a printing company, you are a communications company” really got me excited and made me realize that opportunities for up-selling print to their customers is an exciting proposition for printers.

Jim Michelson followed this up by saying that “soft touches become hard sales tools,” meaning that interaction from your simple direct mail piece can open up a new world for print customers. Now printing companies can show customers how their print is received and acted upon by their target audience.

Tim Hendricks went  further to say, “Your interactive component may create a better response from your print.”

Are you a MSP?

Printers are not only a communications company but to be competitive, they now need to become a marketing service provider (MSP). So what does this mean in practice?

Have your target market interact with your print campaign by adding mobile entry points that provide an exclusive path to purchase or experience. You may choose to use image recognition, or barcodes. Whatever the mobile entry point, enhance the experience for the target market and engage them in a campaign that at the same time amplifies your message on social media so you can measure it and evolve future campaigns to be even more successful.

Howard Larsson wrapped up the discussion nicely by saying, “Don’t be afraid to charge enough for your service.” Printing companies are no longer just competing in the realm of paper and print. They are providing a powerful and multi channel marketing source for their customers. Show them value in the quality of the service you deliver and they will love the results.

Other secrets from the show include but are in no terms limited to:

A fire at the Konica Booth:

and these GREAT “tweet-bites”:

‘”Measure twice, cut once!” – @rocklamanna

“Everyone is in SALES. Sales close in the ether!” - @JFMConcepts

“Don’t spray and pray!” - @ThendricksCCG

“That’s what girls who print do. We find what’s practical” - @mbsmithTX  

I hope this blog has helped you realize that print isn’t just about what size your printing should be and what colors you should use? Print with the advent of crosschannel marketing now enables you to have the print piece jump to life in your customers hands using technology such as image recognition and augmented reality.

Are you intrigued by the advent of crosschannel marketing, but don’t know how to take the next step? Are your competitors offering services like Augmented Reality and Image Recognition and you don’t know where to start? Speak to us  and see a quick demo of BestBuzz to learn how you can  offer more value  to your customers.


Image recognition brings print to life in the digital world

Connect your print to the digital space with image recognition 

Consolidated Graphics (CGX) is North America’s leading general commercial printing company. With 70 printing facilities, 35 fulfillment warehouses and 5 technology centers strategically located across 27 states and Canada. They offer an unmatched geographic footprint with extensive capabilities supported by an unparalleled level of convenience, efficiency and service.

In Dallas, Consolidated Graphics is represented by Graphics Group, who are one of the most respected and trusted printing companies in North Texas and are based in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas. Graphics Group is known for their cutting edge printing techniques for fan engagement with major sports teams in Dallas, such as The Dallas Mavericks. In fact, their recent work has even led them to being featured on Mavs Insider by Fox Sport Southwest.

Debut of image recognition for Dallas’ #1 printing firm

Consolidated Graphics and Graphics Group believe print is essential to life. A life in print touches every other life on the planet. Their commercial printing includes books, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, annual reports, displays and so much more. Their clients consist of the top Fortune 500 companies in addition to over 22,000 clients worldwide.

So when it came time to launch their new logo, Graphics Group wanted a new and exciting technology that would amplify the power print has and also ensure its message was propelled from the physical to the digital world, while integrating social media. This is where the exciting new BestBuzz technology fit perfectly.

Try image recognition for yourself

Graphics Group will debut their new logo and the BestBuzz image recognition technology at CGXNAM in San Antonio this weekend.

Attendees that visit the Graphics Group booth will text BUZZ to 63566 to download the BestBuzz app. Then Android and Apple smartphone users can simply hold their phone up to the new Graphics Group logo and scan the image.

Graphics Group Image Recognition Logo

The BestBuzz image recognition app then takes you into a full mobile experience, allowing you to interact with the brand on social media while providing you access to video content and services from the company.  You can even enter to win an iTunes gift card from Graphics Group. (Must be a Leader Development Program Associate present at the GGXNAM event to enter.)

Image recognition is just one Mobile Entry Point available from BestBuzz

Not only does the BestBuzz Image Recognition technology provide an excellent mobile marketing experience for users, it also provides excellent data and analytics for companies that use it. It shows how many people have interacted with them using a BestBuzz Mobile Entry Point, (Such as image recognition, text messaging and QR Codes.) it will also show what types of devices are being used to interact with the company, what social reach is being achieved and how many people are clicking on the company’s message on social media. This is important as it now transforms a simple logo on printed promotional material into a way to track print marketing and show how successful it was in driving conversions.

The move to transforming print to the digital world fits perfectly with the Consolidated Graphics commitment to provide customers with the latest printing technology. They currently have the largest digital printing network in the world and develop customized print procurement technologies in-house with CGXSolutions.

Would you like to learn how you can revolutionize your print marketing to make it active in the digital world as well as gain important data and analytics about your customers?

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