5 Unexpected Ways to Boost Word-of-Mouth Referrals


Word-of-mouth marketing has long been viewed as the most effective form of business promotion. According to MarketForce over “81% of U.S. online consumers’ purchase decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts“. While all marketers appreciate it when satisfied customers tell their friends about favorite products or experiences, they still struggle with how to ensure that they are getting positive word of mouth. Traditionally, word of mouth marketing was difficult to manage. It was too random, and too complex to influence, not to mention control. With emerging technologies it is becoming increasingly easy to generate buzz and track word-of-mouth referrals.

Getting customers to spread the good word about your company takes more than just luck. It takes hard work to deliver an experience that exceeds your customers’ expectations.

Here are five unexpected ways you can generate buzz and gain more word-of-mouth referrals.

1. Bring your print campaigns to life!

A sometimes overlooked technique that is  helpful to your band/business is the use of some traditional media, to accent what you are doing online. By using print campaigns to drive online business, you increase the likelihood of conversion rates by putting dynamic mobile entry points on mailers and magazine ads you give customers a new and engaging way to interact with you. This allows you to reach new audiences and gather valuable information on your target audience.

2. SMS Text Messaging

This technology has been around for over 20 years, but is integral to mobile marketing. It’s accessible to all mobile phone users which means you don’t exclude anyone from your offers and promotions. Text Messaging,  also known as SMS (Short Messaging System) has amazing open and engagement rates, and users can easily sign up to be included in your campaigns. Once you have your customer’s attention and they have opted-in for updates, you can send out segmented text campaigns to alert customers to new locations, promotions, events, and sales.

3. UPC Barcode & QR Codes

If your product has a UPC bar code it can be used to maximize interaction with your customers. CPG brands can add a communication layer to entice customers in to an engaging purchase experience or offers and rewards. If need be full product details or product recall information can be added.

Quick Response codes (QR Codes) pack an information punch. These codes are one of many Mobile Entry Points that can be accessed via a smartphone. If you print your dynamic QR Code on a flyer or other piece of marketing material, you can change the message behind the QR Code without having to reprint the flyer! This makes that piece of marketing collateral all the more valuable as you can always keep it up to date with your latest offer, special or reward.

4. Make it worth your customer’s while to talk

Arguable the best way to convince someone to do you a favor (customers included) is to offer him or her something. In the world of online retail that’s easy. Coupon and incentive programs are pervasive, and they are something that customers of all stripes will understand. Offer them a simple discount or giveaway a popular product as a thank you or incentive to provide your business with some word of mouth.

5. Go mobile

Above all, do not underestimate the importance of appealing to the mobile market. Thousands of potential customers are on mobile devices today looking for what you have to offer.  Mobile entry points allow you to integrate your marketing campaigns, giving you valuable data and analytics while increasing your traffic and leads.

Customers will rely on mobile devices to access accounts for convenience sake. Therefore, if your Word Of Mouth campaign is not optimized for mobile usage, you are only hurting your conversion rates.


You read our top tips on how to boost your word-of-mouth traffic, now see how BestBuzz used word-of-mouth to generate buzz for author Jessica Hagy’s new book “The Art of War Visualized”

Jessica Hagy Word-Of-Mouth Book Buzz

Meet the Newest Member of The BestBuzz Family – Image Recognition

Mobile Phones can Scan a Image to get to Landing Page

BestBuzz Mobile Marketing App Now has Image Recognition Capabilities

The concept of image recognition software seems almost futuristic in execution. Scanning an image and being able to match it to any other photograph on the internet or complied in a database to retrieve information is an overwhelmingly complex notion; colors, outlines, shades and designs can pose challenges to programmers but offer unlimited opportunities in a platform of flawless execution. Image recognition can open up the door for unthinkable marketing and advertising techniques beyond the current approaches, leading to a wide new world of customers, services and possibilities companies can currently only abstractly explore. With BestBuzz’s patent-pending mobile image recognition platform, the future has seemingly arrived.

Image Recognition is the new kid on the Mobile Entry Point Block.

Although many attempts at effective image recognition exist online, BestBuzz is the first to master the concept in an intuitive mobile platform. With BestBuzz, customers can easily access Mobile Entry Points, or MEPs.  MEP, is term given to technological options that bridge the real world into the digital world via mobile phones. (QR codes, SMS, NFC, Barcodes)

These MEPs are the secret to BestBuzz’s success; they are essentially the portal through which businesses interact with their customers, providing information and rewards for their connections. This interactive and insightful model allows companies to quickly and easily engage potential customers in a visual and informative manner. Since BestBuzz’s platform launch in 2011, companies using the service have averaged more than five clicks per BestBuzz scan with the mobile ability to intrigue interested users. While the service has relied on the more traditionally QR codes and SMS texts as MEPs, image recognition takes this idea a step further, into new and groundbreaking marketing territory.

Image Recognition can trigger Augmented Reality

BestBuzz’s current platform is based on a customized variation of successful pre-existing technology but the image recognition app feature will effectively bring BestBuzz onto a new, independent level. While image recognition is not an entirely new concept – Google’s web-based Google Goggles was launched in 2010 to enable users to search for related image results – this mobile application only drives forward a new conceptual model of augmented reality.

What is augmented reality, you ask? In the minds of the creative individuals at BestBuzz, augmented reality is the ability to enhance the way we observe, view and absorb information with an intensified virtual experience. With image recognition, a user can scan a picture to learn more about its origins, a label on a food package to learn nutrition information and read consumer reviews or a book cover to access critical responses, sales information or current rankings. This altered and enhanced version of information processing we utilize in day to day life can be brought to life with image recognition, allowing a more enriching experience for consumers and companies alike with little effort beyond normal mobile use.

Using Image Recognition for Marketing

The image recognition marketing possibilities are endless. In theory, companies can place magazine or newspaper ads featuring products customers can scan to reveal pricing information or nearby store locations. In-store displays can allow consumers to read reviews, find coupons or access stock information. Movie buffs or concert lovers will drool over the option to buy tickets simply by scanning the logo for their favorite flicks or artists. While these concepts are rudimentary, the possibilities are limitless in exploring the ways businesses can use this optimized MEP to enhance the customer experience.

BestBuzz’s intuitive dashboard can help companies build and manage mobile sites, offer information, coupons and rewards, and trace visits. For more specific needs, such as promoting restaurant visits, tracking store sales based on mobile use or providing customers with feedback forums, there are hundreds of easily customizable options available to meet every company’s needs.

BestBuzz exists to help food distributors manage product feedback, restaurants offer specials for app users, department stores attract customers to new products based on interactive displays, and any other industry achieve desired features, rewards and results. By providing consumers with an augmented reality beyond what they experience in day-to-day life, companies can interact with customers and clients in a diversified and unique way. This technology can target virtually any product or service, from museums to stores to restaurants to theaters, with a reach that extends to the vast majority of the modern world.

Let the Creative Juices Flow

While image recognition in its infancy seemed like a good way to provide names for suspects in criminal cases or identify landmarks or other unknown pictures, the reality is far beyond the basic constructs of the concept. Although the ideas surrounding the use of this technology are still young, the possibilities are highly attractive for companies wishing to explore cutting edge marketing techniques and consumers fascinated by the prospect of augmented reality.

By enhancing the world of advertising and product information customers can access, companies can easily engage a target audience and share information in an effortless, appealing way. Image recognition is still developing but mobile users are excited about the possibilities and eager to see what businesses have to offer. Signing up for BestBuzz’s innovative Image Recognition platform gives companies an incredible edge over the competition, a prospect that every marketing department should find exhilarating. Get involved and take the chance to interact with your customers in an unthinkable way with a simple MEP. Whether you can believe it or not, your business will never be the same again.

How to Use QR Codes

Custom QR Codes from BestBuzz the leader in Mobile Marketing Technology

Custom QR Codes from BestBuzz the leader in Mobile Marketing Technology

QR Codes pack an information punch. These codes are one of many Mobile Entry Points, such as NFC, image recognition, barcodes and SMS Text Messaging. Mobile Entry Points bridge the gap between the physical and digital world when accessed via a mobile phone.  The QR Code pattern can hold up to 4,296 alpha-numeric characters; Way more than old school barcodes that can only hold 12-20 numbers. Even though most QR Codes have the same generic black and white look, don’t be deceived; not all QR codes are the same.

Dynamic vs. Static

QR Codes can be dynamic or static. Dynamic QR Codes, also called live QR Codes, can be edited in real time.  The actual QR Code pattern does not change, however the destination can be changed instantly.

A static QR Code on the other hand can never be changed. It will always go to its primary destination. The QR Code pattern is actually made from the text of the link, book  or whatever it links to and is embedded in the pattern. Most QR codes that are created free online are static.

Dynamic QR Codes obviously have the advantage over static QR Codes in Mobile Marketing. If you print your dynamic QR Code on a flyer or other piece of marketing material, you can change the message behind the QR Code without having to reprint the flyer! This makes that piece of marketing collateral all the more valuable as you can always keep it up to date with your latest offer, special or reward.

How to use QR Codes

Qr Codes also have very different uses.  Fast readability and a great storage capacity make them well suited to do the following;

  • -Track
  • -Label
  • -Market
  • -Combination of all three.

Tracking (Logistics)

A tracking QR Code provides logistical information for the producer and is not meant for public use.  The QR Code system was born in 1994 by Toyota to track auto parts during manufacturing.  Tracking QR Codes assist with planning, implementing and controlling the effective and efficient flow of goods and services from the point of creation all the way to the end user. Back end tasks like production management, trace-ability, inventory management, inspection and data entry all benefit from using tracking QR Codes.


Using QR Codes for labeling helps when a surface area is limited and you have a lot of information to share.  Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, fast food and legal companies can all benefit from QR Codes used for labeling.  Long winded text that takes up pages worth of space can be packed into one code.

Labeling QR Codes publicly provide informative text, like terms of usage and nutritional information.  Even boring pages of legal jargon can be quickly accessed from one code.


QR Codes created for marketing create a dynamic link  for customer interaction and engagement in the digital world. Marketing QR Codes connect people to businesses, brands and events. These QR Codes are perfect  for the age old marketing tactic of word of mouth reach in the high tech digital age.

Custom QR Codes are QR Codes for marketing that have been customized with a logo.  This customization creates trust and familiarity and is more likely to be scanned.

Marketing QR codes provide interaction between a consumer and a brand by leading them quickly to information like directions, prices, surveys and social media sites.

Buzz Code

BestBuzz specializes in providing you the perfect QR Code for your business needs. We provide QR Codes for labeling, marketing and tracking.  We like to call them Buzz Codes as they deliver an unique experience over any other QR code you will find in the market place. They have been used by a diverse set of companies, from energy drinks  to movie production companies who want to spread the word about a new movie! BestBuzz also provides you with a dashboard that you can access 24-7 to see how effective your promotions are, what smart-phone platforms your customers are suing and what social media network they prefer to contact you on. We hope this has given you some more information on how to use QR Codes and which QR Code is right for you?

Have you used QR Codes in your mobile marketing?  How are they working for you? Please tell us below:

Image Recognition: What You See is Only Half of What You Get!



The future is now! Image recognition hit the mainstream with the launch of Google Googles in 2010.  The idea? Pointing your smartphone at an object in order to recognize and learn about what’s in your view. Currently, image recognition can identify brand logos, cars, book covers, album covers, artwork, and consumer packaged goods. Even specific frames within movies or videos can be identified (Talk about branding potential!). Once identified by the mobile app, users then have the ability to have a mobile experience, whether it is just to learn more about a product or service, or to be taken to a special promotional page.

Image Recognition software is still considered in its infancy…

However, there are a number of mobile apps readily available to aid you in the age of Point and Learn.

Here are some of BestBuzz’s favorite Image Recognition Apps.


Wine Drinkers, raise a glass and toast to HellVino! The app’s image recognition feature lets you snap a pic of a wine label to get the wine’s tasting notes, ratings and even reviews. This app also aids in helping wine connoisseurs remember the delicious bottle of wine from the night before; just snap a pic and take a quick note so you never forget another wine! HelloVino is available on Andriod and iPhone.

E-Bay Motors

Never has buying or selling a car been so easy.  In early 2012, eBay launched an image recognition option within the eBay Motors iPhone and Android App. The new search tool allows users to identify a car’s make, model and year by taking a photo of the back of the vehicle; these are then matched with listings on eBay.  The option has been designed to recognize the unique features found on the back of each vehicle specific to each model. The app has a library of over 1000 vehicles and is 95% accurate with a submitted searching taking less than 4 seconds to complete (Varoom!).

FingerPrint Matcher

Ever wonder who ate the last piece of your leftover pizza? Well, if they left a fingerprint behind, you got them! FingerPrint Matcher compares fingerprints and calculates a similarity score between the pair. Its easy-to-use interface lets you capture a set of fingerprints and compare them for matches. After it’s done its analysis, it will calculate the likelihood that these two prints are matches. Rest assured that your leftovers or anything that you value will be a little bit safer when you download FingerPrint Matcher. Sorry Apple lovers, this app is Android only!

Take it one more step forward!

Image recognition is just the first step. Take another step forward and you can use image recognition to trigger augmented reality.  Augmented reality is the process that adds a layer of information onto the world we see, viewable only through technology.  Augmented reality creates a view of reality that is modified (possibly even simplified rather than augmented) by a computer. Augmented reality applications are increasingly used to enhance physical objects with digital information.

Image recognition that triggers augmented reality!

Check out Matt Mills TED Talk: Image recognition that triggers augmented reality

Augmented reality is expected to aid in Google Project Glass that will be released in 2014.

BestBuzz has a dedicated and passionate team who are always striving to be a leader in mobile marketing and social reward technology.    


Barcodes to Custom QR Codes

Barcodes evolve to QR codes

Evolution of Barcodes to QR codes

QR codes can be found all over the place.  However,  you may not know what many techy folks have known about  for years; What QR Codes do and how useful they are. Here is a quick breakdown of the evolution of barcodes to custom qr codes to catch you up.

QR code is short for Quick Response Code.

What’s That?

A QR code is a type of barcode (matrix) that is two dimensional and can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters.  This set up makes for faster readability and greater storage capacity than traditional barcodes.  Basically, QR codes are like super barcodes and make it easy to create high-speed information transfer (holding a lot more info than the price of a can of soup).

How do I start Scanning?

Your smart phone can easily be transformed into a scanner by downloading a reader, which is QR speak for the mobile application that reads the codes. There are many readers on the market including, our personal favorite, the BestBuzz scanner which works on Android and iOS phones.

Text BUZZ to 635-66 to download the free BestBuzz QR code reader!

How are QR Codes Useful?

QR codes were designed in Japan, in 1994, by Toyota to track vehicles during manufacturing. QR Codes are still used today to track manufactured goods.

Payment-Short Payment Descriptor (SPAYD, SPD)
Money transfer is a new way QR codes are being used.  The Czech Banking Association recently adopted payment information transmitted by using QR codes.

Information transfer is made way too easy with a QR code.  You can open web pages on a mobile phone without having to type the long URL.  Retailers put QR codes in print ads so that customers can scan to learn more about the advertised product.   Museums use QR Codes so you can link to detailed information about exhibits. Musicians can use QR codes to direct fans to their music.

BestBuzz uses custom QR codes to connect customers with business owners. Customers scan, buzz, and receive rewards for sharing with friends.

QR Codes Can be made of Anything!

According to the Guiness book, the largest QR code in the world was created in a cornfield in Alberta, Canada.

Not sure if it worked…but this school attempted to create a QR code out of children in white and black shirts.

Chocolate is the best way to create QR codes. Check out this guy who made a QR code out of M&Ms.

Can I make a QR code?

Sure. There are many websites and apps that allow you to create your very own QR code.  For a really simple QR code go to QR Code Generator.  QR voice, created by Marcel Duran, is super fun. QR Voice can generate QR codes that link to audio files that will say anything you type.  Yes…anything.

Custom QR Codes

The real fun begins when you create custom qr codes.  Generic qr codes are often not scanned for fear of not knowing where it will lead you.  This is why a custom qr code is so important. Integrating a logo with your qr code creates trust, the custom qr code is more likely to be scanned.  Check out the custom qr code created for Baker’s Ribs a BBQ restaurant in Dallas, Texas.

Custom Qr Code

Custom QR Code Create for BBQ Restaurant by BestBuzz