What You Need to Know About Mobile Advertising

What You Need to Know About Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising has become a key component for a successful marketing mix today. But, with its huge range of capabilities and options, it can be hard to determine the best strategy for achieving your campaign goals. When it comes to mobile, there are tons of campaign types, channels, inventory and ad types, and all of these things are important to understand and carefully evaluate when customizing your campaigns. It is important to discussed mobile channel options and their pros and cons, which are crucial components to keep in mind when moving forward and making sense of the rest of your options for optimizing campaigns. For example, with a solid understanding of mobile channel oofferings, you can begin to consider what types of ads to launch, and some key strengths and weaknesses of each.

Not sure where to start? Here are the basics:


BANNER ADSMobile Banner Ads

Description: Appear horizontally at top or bottom of an application while in use. Can include still image, text, animation and video.

Advantages: Very non-intrusive as banner ads don’t interrupt app use or content.

Disadvantages: As the most common ad type, these can be more easily missed if they don’t demand attention.



Native Mobile AdsNATIVE ADS

Description: Native ads appear mixed in with app or web content, presented as if part of the experience. Size, design and placement vary depending on publisher standards.

Advantages: Blends in with page or app content to increase chances of engagement and minimalism disruption.

Disadvantages: “Native” style is determined by the publisher, giving advertisers less autonomy in their creative design.




Description: Appear full screen over app content. Rich media ads aim to increase engagement with interactive content like games or videos.

Advantages: The most engaging and interactive of the mobile ad types.

Disadvantages: Full screen coverage can distract from app content and be perceived as intrusive.




Description: Interstitial style full screen ads which show a list of relevant apps the user can download. Typically 15-20 seconds depending on channel capabilities.

Advantages: Video can be more eeffective in capturing interest than still-image or animated ads.

Disadvantages: Auto play and sound can make this a more interruptive ad.




Description: Full screen ads which appear over app content or between pages of mobile web content. Can be still-image, animated, or video formats.

Advantages: Guaranteed to grab the user’s undivided attention.

Disadvantages: Covering app content can make this feel much more invasive to the user experience.




Mobile App ListsAPP LISTS (WALLS)

Description: Interstitial style full screen ads which show a list of relevant apps that the user can download.

Advantages: Mimics the feel of the app store or play store to make ads feel less intrusive.

Disadvantages: Competing with other advertisers within your own ad space.




BestBuzz provides mobile marketing tools that enable people to generate Buzz through social media.

Find out more at www.bestbuzz.bz or contact us at info@bestbuzz.bz.

Debate marketing innovation with CMOs at Incite Summit WEST 2014


The Incite Summit is your best opportunity to network and learn from the brightest marketers from the biggest brands in the world.  This conference will discuss how to:

  • Hit them when they’re listening:  How to prioritize and use the plethora of new channels to achieve your marketing goals
  • From campaigns to engaging stories:  Produce relevant, engaging content to drive deeper engagement – and sales
  • Build unique customer experiences:  Move from insight to action, and create personalized, engaging experiences
  • Big Data-driven creativity:  Sift the flood of data for actionable insight to drive better marketing

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The speaker roster gathers decades of proven experience at the cutting edge of brand marketing.  Incite’s robust, skeptical approach will help you map a path into uncharted marketing terrain.

Top Speakers at Incite Summit: WEST

What do you get if you attend?

  • An unrivaled collection of CMO Keynotes: Chief Marketing Officers will give you exclusive insights on how they use proximity to customers to deliver more effective marketing; build unique, personalized customer experiences; produce high quality, relevant content to drive engagement and make the transition from campaigns to telling brand stories.
  • Laser focus on the core issues you face: Every session has been assessed, approved and improved by feedback from hundreds of your peers. They cover only the most critical issues you will face in 2014 – from content to collaboration; big data to measurement; real-time marketing to customer-centricity.
  • Meet all the right people in one place: The Incite Summit is built for senior marketing executives at large brands. You’ll get to meet with peers facing similar challenges and work with them to find solutions you can use back in the office. Over 75% of our audience is made up of large brands – and previous attendees include L’Oreal, Chobani, Citi, Whole Foods, Coca Cola, Siemens, Diageo, Barnes & Noble, American Express, General Mills, Cardinal Healthcare, Nestle, Disney and many more.


An exclusive community of brand marketers – get inside the clubhouse

The Incite Summit is a forum for peers to debate tough questions on the future of marketing together. Incite is an intimate gathering of marketing insiders from large brands.


A cutting-edge, dynamic and collaborative experience

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A track record you can trust

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Use Image Recognition to Enhance Your Customers Mobile Experience

At BestBuzz, we use mobile engagement points to connect customers in the physical world to businesses in the digital world. Image Recognition is the PERFECT way to enhance the mobile experience for your customer.

Did you know 61% of Americans have smartphones in their pockets?

How do you reach these users and offer them an enhanced mobile experience using image recognition? How do you not only provide your customers with an enhanced experience, but also provide enhanced value from your print?

BestBuzz Image Recognition

BestBuzz image recognition gives you all the functionality of other image recognition apps, but also has some “secret sauce” added to it. BestBuzz also gives your customers the ability to visit your website, engage with you on social media or even make a purchase, all from their smartphone in seconds.

Watch the quick video below to see how the cover of Seth Godin’s publication V is for Vulnerable provides people who scan it, exclusive access to offers and specials.

We know you want to create that WOW factor for your customers.

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Stand out in the mobile marketing crowd with image recognition and BestBuzz.


Carrie Layne Speaking at Integrated Marketing Week 2013 in New York City

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Win Platinum tickets to IMW 2013 in New York June 10-13th

What is integrated marketing? It’s a term that has been around since the very late 80’s but in VERY basic terms, make sure your marketing reaches your target audience wherever they are and whatever they are doing. The way in which you reach them should be blended, whether it is mobile, social, paid or organic.

Luckily, the Integrated Marketing Week conference in New York City will help you decipher different ways of marketing and also give you exposure to some of the most respected integrated marketing minds. Oh, and we have 2 platinum tickets to giveaway for the event. Simply text IMW13 to 63566 to download the BestBuzz app to your smartphone, (Available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry 6.0+ and Windows.) and scan the code at the top of this post!

How do we have tickets to give away to integrated marketing week?

Carrie Layne CEO and Founder of BestBuzz Think Outside the QR Code

Carrie Layne CEO of BestBuzz will be speaking at Integrated Marketing Week NYC

BestBuzz CEO and Founder Carrie Layne will be speaking at the event. A pioneer in the digital marketing space, with over 14 years of industry experience, Layne began her career in the late 90′s at Saatchi & Saatchi Interactive in San Francisco, working with emerging digital strategies for brands like Proctor & Gamble and HP.

Carrie launched BestBuzz in 2011 and instantly soothed pain points for large brands  Cadillac, Vitamin Water and Domino’s Pizza, who were grappling with the issue of how to reward and engage their customers using mobile marketing and social media. BestBuzz is a perfect fit for brands and businesses looking to reach out to their target customers using an integrated marketing solution.

This experience has led to Carrie taking a speaking slot alongside mobile marketing “gurus” such as Seth Godin, Brian Solis and Tom Fishburne.

You can see Carrie speak on the topic The New B2C is Brick-to-Click: Marketing Campaigns that Buzz on June 12th 2013 at 1:15 pm. Attendees will see exactly how to build a fully-integrated marketing campaign in less than 10 minutes. Follow the 3 simple steps in the presentation to launch campaigns using mobile-entry points to deliver social ROI and enhance the customer experience. Carrie will review case studies, analytics and data, then explore the tools and tricks that smart brands are using to create a viral buzz . Helping people understand why integrated marketing is so important is second nature to Carrie; she recently spoke at the MMA Forum in New York.

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Will you be in New York City?  Schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with Carrie to see how integrated marketing campaigns powered by the BestBuzz technology can put your brand in front of thousands of new customers.

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Social Rewards Convert Movie Goers

In case you didn’t know, Moviegoers are a great vertical market to target. According to the MPPA In 2010, US Box Office figures were at $10.6 billion, meaning that 222.7 million people went to the movies at least once in 2010 (in the US and Canada) that’s over 2/3 of the population, and the average amount of tickets purchased per moviegoer was 6. The demographic of people buying tickets being split 50/50 between men and women.

Going to the movies is an essential part of the American culture but with the advent of streaming movies online, this activity is starting to dwindle. More and more people are deciding to spend nights in with Netflix a bottle of wine and a plate of spaghetti Bolognese, rather than spend $17 for an IMAX ticket and another $20 on concessions. So how do we get people off the couch and back to the movie theater? In terms of “Whats in it for me?” Free is always a great motivator.

Here we see the relevance of free  pre-screen movie tickets. This way of rewarding people for creating word of mouth for a new movie is nothing new and have been around for years. The good news is the same dawn of technology that allows movie lovers  to stream movies now also provides social rewards to convert them back  to moviegoers.

BestBuzz has been used as a marketing tool for Film Production companies Summit, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures and CBS Pictures. The mobile marketing tool rewards customers who help promotions grow through social media. Using its patented social reward technology, BestBuzz uses Mobile Entry Points, (MEP’s) to engage movie fans by offering movie promotions with successful results.

The process is simple and the results are amazing:

Most recently BestBuzz was used to promote Now You See Me, a Summit movie. The process is simple to gain amazing word of mouth reach.

  1. Create a Mobile Entry Point using BestBuzz, for this we used a QR code.
  2. Create the social reward – In this instance the reward was two free pre-screen passes to see the movie
  3. Use your mobile entry point in your usual pre-screen marketing activities such as print and digital media.
  4. Watch the social reward buzz grow!
Free Movie Ticket Giveaway with BestBuzz

Text BUZZ to 63566 to download the BestBuzz app. Scan the QR code to get Free Movie Tickets.

The results speak for themselves. The BestBuzz dashboard shows that the free pre-screen passes were all given away well before the movie showing date.  This achieved the two objectives for the promotion, give away all the free pre-screen passes and create word of mouth buzz about the movie to generate great ticket sales when it becomes available on general release. In fact people continue to scan the QR code even past the launch date.


We can also see that the social media reach or “buzz” that was created on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook reached over 16,000 people, with 595 people clicking on the mobile landing page to find out more about the movie, showing time date and location.

Another amazing movie promotion that continues to be successful to this day is for Magic Mike, produced by Warner Brothers.To date, this code has had 406 scans and has reached over 102,000 people on social media.


The great thing about QR codes as mobile entry points is that the message behind the code can be changed and updated. Any person scanning it will see your latest promotion, giving your marketing collateral an extended lifetime and it’s always timely and relevant.

To see a full case study from the Now You See Me promotion click below.

To see  whole range of our movie promotions visit our Pinterest page.

To see how you can add social rewards to your next promotion, call us on 214.741.1887

Mobile Landing Pages – Get More Customers at your Door in Just 1 Hour!

By now business owners should all know that they need to have a “Mobile Website.” This simply means a website that a smartphone user can see on their mobile phone screen. How many of you have ticked that box thinking that your position in the mobile market place is now complete? But how many of you are delivering easy to view content to your mobile customers using your mobile website? How much of it is useful, timely or relevant?

70% of all mobile searches result in action within 1 hour. Source: Mobile Marketer

In one of our earlier blogs, we discussed how the well-known seafood restaurant, Ocean Prime was using a mobile website to sign customers up for their VIP program. We showed readers how to maximize the user experience using a Mobile Landing Page rather than a “Mobile Website.” Here we will uncover the top 5 benefits of using a mobile landing page?

1.       Your Customers are MOBILE – KISS them

Mobile Landing Pages deliver a unique opportunity to speak to your target customer when they are on the move and looking for a local business. Seize the opportunity to drive them to your business. Don’t make them “pinch and zoom”  a mobile version of your website to get your info.

Mobile Landing Pages allow you to take important information and place it in the hands of your target customers exactly as they need it.  Remember KISS; Keep it Simple, Straightforward.

2.       Offer Real-Time and Relevant Information

Your website will have lots of great information and history about your business. Things like “About Us,” picture galleries, etc. But when your customer is a mobile customer, that kind of information is ancillary. They want to know things like, where you are, what your prices are, and your opening times. Maybe they want to see a menu or watch a quick video to get a feel for your business. Mobile Landing Pages make it easy to get this information to your target customer quickly.

3.       Make it Easy to Use

Mobile Landing Pages should have no more than 5 options or engagement points on them, so make them count. Make them engaging, enticing and easy to use. For instance, on BestBuzz Mobile Landing Pages, the interactive buttons are ergonomically designed to be used easily with your thumb.

 MLP Diagram

4.       Drive Engagement

Sure, you can have your customer like you on Facebook or Twitter, but what does that have to do with them looking for a local business that offers what you do? Give them a reason to stop searching and compel them to visit you by offering a real time offer or promotion, such as a free appetizer or a discount off your service. Make sure you can track this to gauge the effectiveness of your mobile promotions.

5.       Use a  Vanity URL/ Keyword SEO

A Vanity URL is an excellent link for your Mobile Landing Page. These differ from regular URL’s as they have a theme in the link, such as the name or nature of your business. In basic terms, they make your business easy to remember.  Try to keep the URL short though, remember your target customer is mobile, be memorable. See the illustration above for an example.

Would you like more information on setting up a Mobile Landing Page for your business? BestBuzz can offer you a FREE assessment of your current mobile marketing position and offer useful hints and tips to maximize it.

Click below to get your FREE appraisal now.

Are you a business owner that is currently using Mobile Landing Pages? Would you like to share what worked well for you? Please feel free to comment in the section below, we love to hear from you.