Use Image Recognition to Enhance Your Customers Mobile Experience

At BestBuzz, we use mobile engagement points to connect customers in the physical world to businesses in the digital world. Image Recognition is the PERFECT way to enhance the mobile experience for your customer.

Did you know 61% of Americans have smartphones in their pockets?

How do you reach these users and offer them an enhanced mobile experience using image recognition? How do you not only provide your customers with an enhanced experience, but also provide enhanced value from your print?

BestBuzz Image Recognition

BestBuzz image recognition gives you all the functionality of other image recognition apps, but also has some “secret sauce” added to it. BestBuzz also gives your customers the ability to visit your website, engage with you on social media or even make a purchase, all from their smartphone in seconds.

Watch the quick video below to see how the cover of Seth Godin’s publication V is for Vulnerable provides people who scan it, exclusive access to offers and specials.

We know you want to create that WOW factor for your customers.

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Stand out in the mobile marketing crowd with image recognition and BestBuzz.


Measure Print Campaign Success and Prove Print is NOT Dead

“Print is dead!” 

It’s a cry we have been hearing for the last few years in the print and digital worlds.

Although some print may have been replaced by digital methods, we all know that print still has a crucial place in telling people about our brands, businesses and products.

Consumer magazine ad revenue (print only) grew by 0.5% year-over-year in Q1 2013 to reach $4.13 billion, according to recent data from the Association of Magazine Media (MPA).

So let’s see how we can drive more value and interaction from these ads and while we are at it, increase conversions.

Magazines are built around two pillars: passion and community.

When you communicate with your readers, make sure those two pillars can easily be acted upon by adding interactive elements to print ads.

This is also known as Integrated Media or Multi /Cross-Media Marketing.

In this blog I will take 2 print ad campaigns to see how one is effective and displays the product well, and how another interactive style of advertising enhances the customer experience and places your product instantly in the palm of your customer’s hands.

I will also show you how you can instantly track the performance of that print ad so you can understand which cross media channels you need to use to maximize and evolve that simple full page ad. Now you can measure print and prove its value as part of a successful and engaging mobile experience. .

 In the USA, watching sports involves friends, food and flowing refreshments, so how do you get your food product in front of the people who are likely to purchase it?

Use Image Recognition to bring your ads to lifeWhilst thumbing through the Dallas Mavericks 2012-2013 yearbook, I came across this eye-catching full page ad for Mission tacos and tortillas. It shows all the different kinds of the corn and flour tortilla products, with an enticing plate of “yumminess” in the center.

But that’s where the messaging stops. Here is where integrated consumer engagement should begin.

Image recognition allows your reader to interact print pieces instantly when they scan your logo with their smartphone.

In this instance, a simple Call-to-Action (CTA) could have encouraged viewers of the full page ad to scan the mission logo and enter in to an enhanced mobile experience which engages the reader with exclusive recipes, coupons and a path to purchase.


With the introduction of the social amplification platform, BestBuzz, your reader can also engage all of their friends on social media and turn your print campaign in to a multi-channel marketing campaign that  reaches on average 250% more people!

Here's what you could have won!

Here’s what you could have won!


Let’s look how image recognition increased the reach of the print campaign for the Taste of Dallas by 250%.

Taste of Dallas is a huge tasting event held annually in the city of Dallas. Their well known logo, Chef TOD is placed on all of their promotional print items.

This year, Taste of Dallas wanted to reach even more tasters so they came to BestBuzz for help. By making the Chef TOD logo interactive, and providing a simple call to action, Taste of Dallas was able to maximize all interactions their customers had with Taste of Dallas print materials. This allowed the organizers to get instant data and analytics, showing where their customers wanted to speak to them and enable them to “double-down” promotional efforts in that area. They also propelled their viewers in to an engaging purchase cycle while the BestBuzz app doubled up as a handy app to use at the tasting event.

What instant results are available?

BestBuzz allows you to:

  • See how many people interacted with your print ad
  • Track what social media platform they chose to speak to you on
  • See where in the world they are interacting with you
  • Track the increase in your owned and earned media

I’m sure you will agree, all of these combined with the power to provide a fully customized interactive mobile marketing plan will make you look like a rock star in the Monday morning meeting!



Taste of Dallas results

Taste of Dallas Results Measurement

This snapshot will show you how effective the results were. If you would like to know more, download the Taste of Dallas case study here.

  • Are you considering taking your next print campaign to the cross media marketing level?
  • Do you see the need to have instant access to your next print campaigns success results?

If you would like to power your next print campaign with the BestBuzz social amplification tool, then please take a FREE assessment here to see how your campaigns can be improved by at least 250%. We can’t wait to get you buzzing!

Engage Customers Using Image Recognition Advertising

Imagine standing in the supermarket, surveying shelf upon shelf of wine bottles and scratching your head in confusion. You don’t know anything about wine except that chardonnay is sweet, champagne is for celebrating and merlot is red but you still have to pick a bottle for a dinner party in a few hours. Now imagine having the power to scan a wine label with your smartphone and read reviews about the brand, learn more about the variety in question and peruse some suggestions about what foods go best with it. With image recognition advertising from BestBuzz, you can pick the perfect bottle and save face in front of your friends.

Image Recognition Advertising

The BestBuzz app uses image recognition to scan your favorite products to launch engaging mobile experiences. Get the BestBuzz app – Text WINE to 635-66.

On the other hand, imagine that you are a company that makes and distributes wine. You are hoping to improve sales by learning what bottles are most interesting and popular to consumers but do not believe that surveys or other low-tech solutions are helping your strategy. By giving customers the power to use image recognition to learn more about your product, you can see what sorts of packaging and sales techniques are drawing consumer attention and easily compile data to compare to your sales records.

Consumer or marketing department, there are many benefits in image recognition and, as science fiction-like as it might sound, it’s not far from being a commonplace reality. The capabilities of the BestBuzz platform are virtually limitless, allowing companies to promote their materials to consumers in an engaging way outside the bounds of what other social marketing techniques can accomplish. Think about your current strategies to sell products and attract customers, and add another layer. That’s image recognition advertising. The BestBuzz mobile platform lets you easily create BestBuzz Mobile Entry Points that allow users to easily interact with your products and advertising campaigns with nothing more than a smartphone and the BestBuzz app.

The possibilities of image recognition go far beyond scanning wine labels. Virtually any image can be used in image recognition advertising, from event ads to product packaging to store displays. Food wrappers can provide nutrition information and coupons, movie posters can lead to a portal to buy advance tickets and a clothing display at a department store can offer outfit ideas and discount codes. No matter the information you are hoping to share, there is a way to do it with an innovative, interactive approach designed to drive engagement and promote brand awareness.

By presenting your logo or other image choice as a way for your consumers to interact with your company, you have the unique opportunity to extend the value of your brand while simultaneously drawing interest and broadening product appreciation. Image recognition advertising can intensify the marketing techniques you use now in a way that will revolutionize the way you connect with customers and the ways in which your business can grow.

What are the unique ways you engage your customers? Have you used image recognition or augmented reality in the past? Comment below!


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Image recognition brings print to life in the digital world

Connect your print to the digital space with image recognition 

Consolidated Graphics (CGX) is North America’s leading general commercial printing company. With 70 printing facilities, 35 fulfillment warehouses and 5 technology centers strategically located across 27 states and Canada. They offer an unmatched geographic footprint with extensive capabilities supported by an unparalleled level of convenience, efficiency and service.

In Dallas, Consolidated Graphics is represented by Graphics Group, who are one of the most respected and trusted printing companies in North Texas and are based in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas. Graphics Group is known for their cutting edge printing techniques for fan engagement with major sports teams in Dallas, such as The Dallas Mavericks. In fact, their recent work has even led them to being featured on Mavs Insider by Fox Sport Southwest.

Debut of image recognition for Dallas’ #1 printing firm

Consolidated Graphics and Graphics Group believe print is essential to life. A life in print touches every other life on the planet. Their commercial printing includes books, magazines, brochures, pamphlets, annual reports, displays and so much more. Their clients consist of the top Fortune 500 companies in addition to over 22,000 clients worldwide.

So when it came time to launch their new logo, Graphics Group wanted a new and exciting technology that would amplify the power print has and also ensure its message was propelled from the physical to the digital world, while integrating social media. This is where the exciting new BestBuzz technology fit perfectly.

Try image recognition for yourself

Graphics Group will debut their new logo and the BestBuzz image recognition technology at CGXNAM in San Antonio this weekend.

Attendees that visit the Graphics Group booth will text BUZZ to 63566 to download the BestBuzz app. Then Android and Apple smartphone users can simply hold their phone up to the new Graphics Group logo and scan the image.

Graphics Group Image Recognition Logo

The BestBuzz image recognition app then takes you into a full mobile experience, allowing you to interact with the brand on social media while providing you access to video content and services from the company.  You can even enter to win an iTunes gift card from Graphics Group. (Must be a Leader Development Program Associate present at the GGXNAM event to enter.)

Image recognition is just one Mobile Entry Point available from BestBuzz

Not only does the BestBuzz Image Recognition technology provide an excellent mobile marketing experience for users, it also provides excellent data and analytics for companies that use it. It shows how many people have interacted with them using a BestBuzz Mobile Entry Point, (Such as image recognition, text messaging and QR Codes.) it will also show what types of devices are being used to interact with the company, what social reach is being achieved and how many people are clicking on the company’s message on social media. This is important as it now transforms a simple logo on printed promotional material into a way to track print marketing and show how successful it was in driving conversions.

The move to transforming print to the digital world fits perfectly with the Consolidated Graphics commitment to provide customers with the latest printing technology. They currently have the largest digital printing network in the world and develop customized print procurement technologies in-house with CGXSolutions.

Would you like to learn how you can revolutionize your print marketing to make it active in the digital world as well as gain important data and analytics about your customers?

Simply click on the button below to request more information from a BestBuzz team member.



How Image Recognition Can Boost Sales

Image Recognition is a great way to boost sales and increase revenue to your business.

Are you using Image Recognition to boost sales?

BestBuzz has a very simple mission: make connections and start conversations. BestBuzz knows that word of mouth reach is the best way to drive people to your business and increase sales.

The Dallas based, tech start-up company is based on the simple idea that businesses and people both do better when they support each other. Businesses that use BestBuzz grow and their customers get deals and exclusive offers. It’s one of those rare “everybody wins” situations.

Since its inception almost three years ago, BestBuzz has increased sales for companies as diverse as BeautiControl, Cadillac and Baker’s Ribs (The BBQ restaurant near the BestBuzz office.).

The team at BestBuzz is a collection of industry professionals, whose expertise combined ensure their customers are listened to, clear project deliverable’s are defined and tangible results are delivered.

Founder and CEO, Carrie Layne has used her experience in the digital space along with surviving a Category 5 Hurricane to create a mobile marketing platform that rewards customers and delivers results to any business that uses it.

I know how important a personal recommendation from a friend is to a business, but in this digital age, it’s too slow. BestBuzz allows customers to instantly connect with businesses that reward them and tell all their friends on social media about it, creating massive word of mouth buzz on social media platforms, which translates to increased sales. – Carrie Layne

Layne loves technology, so of course she wanted to make sure that people can connect on all levels. BestBuzz utilizes Mobile Entry Points (MEP’s) such as text messaging, QR Codes, 1D barcodes, and the latest tool in the BestBuzz tool belt, Image Recognition.

Although many attempts at effective image recognition exist online, BestBuzz is the first to master the concept in an intuitive mobile platform.

The loyal “techie” fans know BestBuzz uses QR Codes to give away wonderful prizes and experiences, but this summer, for the first time BestBuzz  used Image Recognition technology to give away 100 FREE tickets to the annual Taste of Dallas tasting event.

Use Image Recognition and see how you can drive sales?

Text TASTE to 635-66 and scan the Chef logo.

Consumers were asked to simply ‘Scan the Man’ above and enter their details to win tickets.

Watch the video of how to scan an image here:

The result? Another runaway BestBuzz successful promotion. Why was it so successful? The free app is easy to download and very easy to use. The analytics dashboard that businesses get 24 – 7 access to provide instant real time results. Businesses can see where in the world consumers are engaging with them, what type of smartphone they are using (The BestBuzz app is available on all four major operating systems.) and what social media network customers to prefer to use to talk to their friends on.

BestBuzz Ipad Winner Image

A sample of data and analytics available on the BestBuzz dashboard.

If you would like to learn more about BestBuzz and see case studies, please feel free to subscribe to our newsletter or visit our website.

How Image Recognition can help you find the BEST restaurant in Dallas


Download the BestBuzz app and use it to scan Chef TOD to enter to win 4 FREE tickets to Taste of Dallas 2013!

July 12th-14th sees the Taste of Dallas return to Fair Park and we are happy to combine this event with the launch of our new Image Recognition technology. To celebrate the two events, we have prize packs of 4 FREE tickets to Taste of Dallas.

These prize packs have a value of $40 and will give you entry into the largest tasting event in DFW so you and your family can judge who has the BEST restaurant in Dallas.

Our loyal “techie” fans know we use QR Codes to give away wonderful prizes and experiences as well as give you great deals at Dallas restaurants, but this is the first time we will be using the Image Recognition technology to give away 4 FREE tickets to the Taste of Dallas event.

Simply ‘Scan the Man’ above and enter your details to win the tickets. For those of you who already have our app, simply hold your ‘phone over the image exactly as you would if it was a QR Code and scan the man.

Still not sure? Watch the video of how to scan an image here:

If you haven’t used our app yet, simply text TASTE to 63566 and click on the link in the text message you receive back to download our app; (Available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry 6.0+ and Windows.) then connect our free app with your favorite social media networks to get great deals from local businesses and earn rewards and points.

What else can you expect from us over the summer?

Well obviously watch this space for more fun giveaways and promotions, such as movie tickets, concert tickets and prizes like the Apple iPad we gave away in January.

For you technology fans, look out for more exciting developments in to the realms of Augmented Reality, Geo-fencing & Geo-targeting and of course, lots more Image Recognition fun.

Is this the first time you have used Image Recognition? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

We always love to hear from you. Enjoy your, “Summer of BUZZ.”