Debate marketing innovation with CMOs at Incite Summit WEST 2014


The Incite Summit is your best opportunity to network and learn from the brightest marketers from the biggest brands in the world.  This conference will discuss how to:

  • Hit them when they’re listening:  How to prioritize and use the plethora of new channels to achieve your marketing goals
  • From campaigns to engaging stories:  Produce relevant, engaging content to drive deeper engagement – and sales
  • Build unique customer experiences:  Move from insight to action, and create personalized, engaging experiences
  • Big Data-driven creativity:  Sift the flood of data for actionable insight to drive better marketing

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The speaker roster gathers decades of proven experience at the cutting edge of brand marketing.  Incite’s robust, skeptical approach will help you map a path into uncharted marketing terrain.

Top Speakers at Incite Summit: WEST

What do you get if you attend?

  • An unrivaled collection of CMO Keynotes: Chief Marketing Officers will give you exclusive insights on how they use proximity to customers to deliver more effective marketing; build unique, personalized customer experiences; produce high quality, relevant content to drive engagement and make the transition from campaigns to telling brand stories.
  • Laser focus on the core issues you face: Every session has been assessed, approved and improved by feedback from hundreds of your peers. They cover only the most critical issues you will face in 2014 – from content to collaboration; big data to measurement; real-time marketing to customer-centricity.
  • Meet all the right people in one place: The Incite Summit is built for senior marketing executives at large brands. You’ll get to meet with peers facing similar challenges and work with them to find solutions you can use back in the office. Over 75% of our audience is made up of large brands – and previous attendees include L’Oreal, Chobani, Citi, Whole Foods, Coca Cola, Siemens, Diageo, Barnes & Noble, American Express, General Mills, Cardinal Healthcare, Nestle, Disney and many more.


An exclusive community of brand marketers – get inside the clubhouse

The Incite Summit is a forum for peers to debate tough questions on the future of marketing together. Incite is an intimate gathering of marketing insiders from large brands.


A cutting-edge, dynamic and collaborative experience

Every topic up for discussion is suggested by your brand marketing peers. The agenda evolves right up to the day of the Summit – guaranteeing the most cutting-edge, relevant and insightful discussion you’ll find anywhere.

A track record you can trust

96% of past attendees found insights they could use back in the office at the Incite Summit. 86% are likely to recommend the Summit to peers.

And these people are your peers. 75%+ of  attendees are marketers working within large brands.


But wait, it gets better

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Social Rewards Convert Movie Goers

In case you didn’t know, Moviegoers are a great vertical market to target. According to the MPPA In 2010, US Box Office figures were at $10.6 billion, meaning that 222.7 million people went to the movies at least once in 2010 (in the US and Canada) that’s over 2/3 of the population, and the average amount of tickets purchased per moviegoer was 6. The demographic of people buying tickets being split 50/50 between men and women.

Going to the movies is an essential part of the American culture but with the advent of streaming movies online, this activity is starting to dwindle. More and more people are deciding to spend nights in with Netflix a bottle of wine and a plate of spaghetti Bolognese, rather than spend $17 for an IMAX ticket and another $20 on concessions. So how do we get people off the couch and back to the movie theater? In terms of “Whats in it for me?” Free is always a great motivator.

Here we see the relevance of free  pre-screen movie tickets. This way of rewarding people for creating word of mouth for a new movie is nothing new and have been around for years. The good news is the same dawn of technology that allows movie lovers  to stream movies now also provides social rewards to convert them back  to moviegoers.

BestBuzz has been used as a marketing tool for Film Production companies Summit, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures and CBS Pictures. The mobile marketing tool rewards customers who help promotions grow through social media. Using its patented social reward technology, BestBuzz uses Mobile Entry Points, (MEP’s) to engage movie fans by offering movie promotions with successful results.

The process is simple and the results are amazing:

Most recently BestBuzz was used to promote Now You See Me, a Summit movie. The process is simple to gain amazing word of mouth reach.

  1. Create a Mobile Entry Point using BestBuzz, for this we used a QR code.
  2. Create the social reward – In this instance the reward was two free pre-screen passes to see the movie
  3. Use your mobile entry point in your usual pre-screen marketing activities such as print and digital media.
  4. Watch the social reward buzz grow!
Free Movie Ticket Giveaway with BestBuzz

Text BUZZ to 63566 to download the BestBuzz app. Scan the QR code to get Free Movie Tickets.

The results speak for themselves. The BestBuzz dashboard shows that the free pre-screen passes were all given away well before the movie showing date.  This achieved the two objectives for the promotion, give away all the free pre-screen passes and create word of mouth buzz about the movie to generate great ticket sales when it becomes available on general release. In fact people continue to scan the QR code even past the launch date.


We can also see that the social media reach or “buzz” that was created on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook reached over 16,000 people, with 595 people clicking on the mobile landing page to find out more about the movie, showing time date and location.

Another amazing movie promotion that continues to be successful to this day is for Magic Mike, produced by Warner Brothers.To date, this code has had 406 scans and has reached over 102,000 people on social media.


The great thing about QR codes as mobile entry points is that the message behind the code can be changed and updated. Any person scanning it will see your latest promotion, giving your marketing collateral an extended lifetime and it’s always timely and relevant.

To see a full case study from the Now You See Me promotion click below.

To see  whole range of our movie promotions visit our Pinterest page.

To see how you can add social rewards to your next promotion, call us on 214.741.1887

Dallas Mavs Love of Community Inspires BestBuzz in Deep Ellum

Win Dallas maverick Tickets | Mavs vs Suns

If you haven’t already heard, DFW AMA luncheons are the best place to meet and mingle with some of the most creative minds in the metroplex (plus snag a great meal out of the office — score!). Today’s luncheon at the Bent Tree Golf Club was especially exciting because we got the opportunity to hear from the Dallas Mavericks Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Paul Monroe.

He detailed how his marketing team creates the “360-degree experience” for fans. His team takes everything into consideration, from the guy or gal taking the ticket at the front gate to the videos playing during the games. Paul and his team tirelessly create, monitor, and analyze every detail of the fan experience. They even design more than 1200 marketing pieces each season (by ONE graphic designer, no less). Whether the season is in full swing or the boys are enjoying some time off, Paul’s team delivers a consistent message that helps turn basketball fans into a MFFL (Mavs Fans for Life).

Strumming on our heartstrings, he told us how the Dallas Mavs get involved in the Dallas community, particularly Deep Ellum … hey, that’s our side of town! The Mavs’ main offices are not at the American Airlines Center even though they play there; they are actually in Deep Ellum and have been for decades. Not only are they wonderful neighbors, they participate in many events to help brighten this small but vibrant slice of Dallas. From events like Raise the Arts, which helps raise funds for arts supplies for underprivileged families to one-of-a-kind art auctions, the Mavs help bring life to our historic neighborhood. So for us, not only do we have an awesome basketball team, BestBuzz has a neighbor that loves it here as much as we do.

What an inspiration! So we decided to find a way to give back, too. We’re going to generate some Mavericks Buzz by giving away a pair of Mavs tickets:  How about the Phoenix Suns April 10th game just for you? Text MAVS to 63566 and Buzz-In to win! The winner will be announced Friday, March 29! Good luck, happy buzzing, and GO MAVS!

How to Buzz-in:

  1. Text MAVS to 63566
  2. Download the BestBuzz App
  3. Scan the Buzz QR Code
  4. Click “Enter to Win!”
  5. Click “ENTER TO WIN HERE” & fill out your first name, last name, and email address.
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Let BestBuzz be your QR code on Valentines Day

Valentines Day is either one of the Happiest Days of the year for you, or you just want to hide your head under the covers until February 15th when all the Hershey’s Kisses are half price.

Today is the day when the mail service creaks to deliver cards from mystery admirers, delivery drivers and florists race around cities worldwide to ensure, chocolates, flowers and other gifts from cupid are delivered on time to that special someone. Then as the evening draws in, restaurants will be looking for secluded corners to place loving couples in,while diamond rings are presented after dinner by a love struck hopeful just waiting to hear the word, “Yes!” while champagne bubbles in flutes on the table.

Valentine's Day QR Code

BestBuzz Valentine’s Day QR Code


Well, we cant give you champagne, chocolate and strawberries, but we can give you some fun Valentines trivia, Valentine Videos AND the chance to send that last minute card to that special someone before you get home. We are also giving you the chance to win a $100 gift card. My goodness, we have just fallen in love with our own promotion.

So come on, share the #BuzzLove text BUZZ to 63566 to download the free BestBuzz app and scan this beautiful heart shaped Valentine QR code to be in with a chance to win!

With love from your friends at BestBuzz! XOXO

QR Codes send Little Monsters Gaga

Dallas goes Gaga with BestBuzz to get tickets to the Ball

Lady Gaga ticket competition

Users were invited to scan the Lady Gaga QR code to win free tickets

The Born This Way Ball starring Lady Gaga hits the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on January 29, 2013. BestBuzz, the leader in mobile marketing technology and social media rewards, wanted to make sure that two of her Little Monsters could go to the ball on them.

In another groundbreaking mobile marketing campaign, BestBuzz enticed Lady Gaga fans to download the free BestBuzz app and scan the custom-designed, patent-pending QR code to trigger an exclusive experience for users.

QR codes mean prizes

Custom designed and branded QR codes are a specialty of BestBuzz, which has worked with national brands and businesses ranging from vitaminwater® to Bryan Street Tavern to create successful mobile marketing campaigns.

The BestBuzz team placed posters with the Buzz QR Code all over Dallas in social hot-spots as well as in digital spaces such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

And the winner is…

On Friday, January 25,after only 14 days of buzzing in, Elizabeth Barnes was announced as the lucky winner of the Lady Gaga promotion. Elizabeth first started using BestBuzz after she saw a BestBuzz QR code promoting a movie screening in the Dallas Observer. She used the code to get free passes to a movie screening and hasn’t stopped buzzing since.

Elizabeth Barnes and her son Hector claim their Lady Gaga tickets.

Lady Gaga ticket winner Elizabeth Barnes with her son,Hector.

She says, “I love how easy BestBuzz is to use! I just point and click and get GREAT rewards!” I use it to scan QR codes and bar codes so it is a very useful app to have on my iPhone.”

After being so happy with the BestBuzz app experience, she also liked the BestBuzz Facebook page where she learned about the Lady Gaga promotion and buzzed in to win. The only difficulty she has now is picking which Little Monster she should take to the ball! Elizabeth’s experience demonstrates how mobile marketing campaigns that integrate social reward technology drive brand loyalty.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ “The BestBuzz app is so easy to use, just scan with your phone and win!”

QR codes mean businesses win too!

The Born This Way Ball mobile marketing promotion was a huge success, with over 48 people scanning the QR code to create over 19,258 social impressions and over 1,034 clicks on the mobile landing page.

Through the BestBuzz dashboard tools and analytics, BestBuzz measured the campaign activity 24/7 showing 79% of the scans came from iPhone® users and 21% from Android users. Lady Gaga is the Queen of Twitter so it may not be surprising that the majority of social impressions came from the 140-character social media platform, with just over 5000 from Facebook and 2500 from LinkedIn®.

BestBuzz creates a complete mobile experience as it is quick and easy to use in a mobile environment. If you already have the BestBuzz app, you just fire it up and scan QR codes with your device. You are instantly taken to a Mobile Landing Page to enter your details for giveaways. For users that don’t already have the BestBuzz app, a short-code SMS is always available. For this promotion, “Text GAGA to 63566” was created, taking users to their Apple, Android or Blackberry app store with BestBuzz downloading in less than 60 seconds.

Get Buzzed!

Calling all Dallas Little Monsters! Scan QR Code and win Lady Gaga Tickets.

The Lady Gaga Tour comes to Dallas, Texas on January 29, 2013 at the American Airlines Center and BestBuzz has a promotion that all you “Little Monsters” out there will not be able to resist. That’s right, BestBuzz, the leader in Mobile Marketing and Social Reward Technology will give away TWO tickets to The Born This Way Ball, starring Lady Gaga.

How can you WIN lady Gaga Tickets?

To be entered to win all you need to do is scan the BestBuzz QR Code with the BestBuzz app and enter your details. A winner will be chosen at random on Friday, January 25, 2013.

Buzz-in and win Lady Gaga Tickets

Buzz-in to download the BestBuzz app:

Step 1.Text GAGA to the number 63566 and you will receive a text back from us.

Step 2. Click on the link in the text message and you will be taken straight to your app store to download the Free BestBuzz QR Code Scanner.

Step 3. Connect BestBuzz to your favorite social media networks and scan the QR code. You can buzz-in once a day to be entered to win tickets to the Lady Gaga concert. Simple!

Not a huge Lady Gaga fan? Maybe someone you know (or want to know) bows down to the Lady herself and could use a couple of tix. Brush up on your Gaga know-how – she’s one of the top pop icons of the decade. After all, surely you have sung along to at least one of those insanely catchy Lady Gaga tunes! Here are a few facts about the Mother Monster herself.

Bad Romance is the Most Watched Lady Gaga Video on YouTube. At the time of writing the video had been watched 503,833,779 times!!!

Lady Gaga: Bad Romance

You may watch that video and ask, “Where is Lady Gaga from and how did she come up with such unique ideas?” Her given name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and she was born and raised in New York City. She says she is influenced by Musical Stars such as David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Queen, which may explain where the infamous meat dress came from.

Her long-awaited fourth studio album, ARTPOP, will release to her fans, (affectionately called “Little Monsters”) this spring.

Lady Gaga accepting an MTV award in a Meat Dress

Win Tickets to See Lady Gaga in outfits like the infamous Meat Dress

So now we have whet your appetite, go ahead and download the BestBuzz app and keep scanning that QR code and enter to be part of the Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball when it comes to Dallas.

This promotion is proudly brought to you by the Little Monsters at BestBuzz, the leader in Mobile Marketing and Social Reward Technology.

This promotion does not assume endorsement by Lady Gaga nor is she affiliated with the promotion in any way.

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