How Image Recognition can help you find the BEST restaurant in Dallas


Download the BestBuzz app and use it to scan Chef TOD to enter to win 4 FREE tickets to Taste of Dallas 2013!

July 12th-14th sees the Taste of Dallas return to Fair Park and we are happy to combine this event with the launch of our new Image Recognition technology. To celebrate the two events, we have prize packs of 4 FREE tickets to Taste of Dallas.

These prize packs have a value of $40 and will give you entry into the largest tasting event in DFW so you and your family can judge who has the BEST restaurant in Dallas.

Our loyal “techie” fans know we use QR Codes to give away wonderful prizes and experiences as well as give you great deals at Dallas restaurants, but this is the first time we will be using the Image Recognition technology to give away 4 FREE tickets to the Taste of Dallas event.

Simply ‘Scan the Man’ above and enter your details to win the tickets. For those of you who already have our app, simply hold your ‘phone over the image exactly as you would if it was a QR Code and scan the man.

Still not sure? Watch the video of how to scan an image here:

If you haven’t used our app yet, simply text TASTE to 63566 and click on the link in the text message you receive back to download our app; (Available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry 6.0+ and Windows.) then connect our free app with your favorite social media networks to get great deals from local businesses and earn rewards and points.

What else can you expect from us over the summer?

Well obviously watch this space for more fun giveaways and promotions, such as movie tickets, concert tickets and prizes like the Apple iPad we gave away in January.

For you technology fans, look out for more exciting developments in to the realms of Augmented Reality, Geo-fencing & Geo-targeting and of course, lots more Image Recognition fun.

Is this the first time you have used Image Recognition? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

We always love to hear from you. Enjoy your, “Summer of BUZZ.”