Barcodes to Custom QR Codes

Barcodes evolve to QR codes

Evolution of Barcodes to QR codes

QR codes can be found all over the place.  However,  you may not know what many techy folks have known about  for years; What QR Codes do and how useful they are. Here is a quick breakdown of the evolution of barcodes to custom qr codes to catch you up.

QR code is short for Quick Response Code.

What’s That?

A QR code is a type of barcode (matrix) that is two dimensional and can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters.  This set up makes for faster readability and greater storage capacity than traditional barcodes.  Basically, QR codes are like super barcodes and make it easy to create high-speed information transfer (holding a lot more info than the price of a can of soup).

How do I start Scanning?

Your smart phone can easily be transformed into a scanner by downloading a reader, which is QR speak for the mobile application that reads the codes. There are many readers on the market including, our personal favorite, the BestBuzz scanner which works on Android and iOS phones.

Text BUZZ to 635-66 to download the free BestBuzz QR code reader!

How are QR Codes Useful?

QR codes were designed in Japan, in 1994, by Toyota to track vehicles during manufacturing. QR Codes are still used today to track manufactured goods.

Payment-Short Payment Descriptor (SPAYD, SPD)
Money transfer is a new way QR codes are being used.  The Czech Banking Association recently adopted payment information transmitted by using QR codes.

Information transfer is made way too easy with a QR code.  You can open web pages on a mobile phone without having to type the long URL.  Retailers put QR codes in print ads so that customers can scan to learn more about the advertised product.   Museums use QR Codes so you can link to detailed information about exhibits. Musicians can use QR codes to direct fans to their music.

BestBuzz uses custom QR codes to connect customers with business owners. Customers scan, buzz, and receive rewards for sharing with friends.

QR Codes Can be made of Anything!

According to the Guiness book, the largest QR code in the world was created in a cornfield in Alberta, Canada.

Not sure if it worked…but this school attempted to create a QR code out of children in white and black shirts.

Chocolate is the best way to create QR codes. Check out this guy who made a QR code out of M&Ms.

Can I make a QR code?

Sure. There are many websites and apps that allow you to create your very own QR code.  For a really simple QR code go to QR Code Generator.  QR voice, created by Marcel Duran, is super fun. QR Voice can generate QR codes that link to audio files that will say anything you type.  Yes…anything.

Custom QR Codes

The real fun begins when you create custom qr codes.  Generic qr codes are often not scanned for fear of not knowing where it will lead you.  This is why a custom qr code is so important. Integrating a logo with your qr code creates trust, the custom qr code is more likely to be scanned.  Check out the custom qr code created for Baker’s Ribs a BBQ restaurant in Dallas, Texas.

Custom Qr Code

Custom QR Code Create for BBQ Restaurant by BestBuzz

Get Buzzed with us on National Margarita Day

BestBuzz celebrates National Margarita Day 2013 #MargaritaBuzzFebruary 22nd is National Margarita Day and superbly National Margarita Day 2013 falls on a Friday! We all know it’s, 5 O’clock Somewhere, so before you get your Margarita thirst on we wanted to show you the top 5 places to get the BEST Margarita in Dallas. Why did we choose Dallas? The original Margarita was invented in 1948 by Dallas socialite Margarita Sames, at her vacation home in Acapulco and Dallas’ own Mariano Martinez of La Hacienda Ranch invented the the Margarita Machine in 1971!


Enchiladas has the Big E Margarita

Try the Big E Margarita at Enchiladas Restaurant on National Margarita Day


We think you will agree with us that this picture really sums up National Margarita Day. They call this Margarita, The Big E and Enchiladas has won the Dallas Observer Best Margarita Category! With two great locations in Dallas (Uptown and Greenville Avenue,) there really is no excuse not to get your 5 o’clock buzz on with them. Oh and they are offering FREE Sopapilla all weekend!




Gloria's have locations all over Texas for your to enjoy National Margarita Day #MargaritaBuzz

Gloria’s, a favorite of the BestBuzz team for Margaritas.


If you haven’t been to Gloria’s before, let National Margarita Day be the day you try their Glorious Margaritas! With locations all over Texas there is bound to be a Gloria s near you!

Blue Mesa

Blue margarita from Blue Mesa

Switch it up on National Margarita Day with a Blue Margarita from Blue Mesa!

Want to switch things up a bit for National Margarita Day? Then why not head to Blue Mesa for a Blue Margarita? They have awesome happy hour specials such as $4 blue Margaritas as well as featured tequilas. This month they are featuring Man in Black Tequila from Kinky Friedman. If you scan this QR code with the BestBuzz app you can get a FREE shot glass at the bar!

Get your free Kinky Friedman  Tequila Shot Glass on National Margarita Day

Scan this code at Blue Mesa and get your free Tequila Shot Glass on National Margarita Day


If your limit is one Margarita, then Ojeda’s is the place to be for National Margarita Day. Based in Dallas, Plano and Desoto their restaurants offer quick Mexican food and probably the strongest Margarita known to the BestBuzz team. The Meltdown is priced at $10.75 and as Amelia from our team says, “It will knock you on your butt!” so please drink responsibly.


This is another BestBuzz team fave, based in Deep Ellum, Maraca’s is a great Happy Hour stop for us! Every Friday house Margarita’s are $3.50 and there is live music from Chilo and High Energy. This, Latin-Jazz, Blues and Flamenco ensemble have been playing for the last 20 years and their music never fails to disappoint a crowd and get you in the National Margarita Day Spirit!

National Margarita Day entertainment at Maraca's

Listen to Chilo and the High Energy Band while you sip margaritas

Until you can get to one of our favourite Margarita bars, we will leave you with Margaritaville from Jimmy Buffet to get you in the drinking mood. Please drink responsibly! (We cant say that too much!)

Check out our awesome National Margarita Day Buzz Code we created for the Day which will get you all kinds of cool Margarita hints and tips! Text BUZZ to 63566 and download the BestBuzz app.

Celebrate National Margarita Day with BestBuzz Text BUZZ to 63566

Buzz-in and get great Margarita Day Deals!

QR Codes get Fashionable at Fashion Week 2013

These days QR Codes are not just for McDonald’s or ketchup bottles. During the 2013 Fashion Week in New York they found their way to the runway and are now part of the latest fashion trends by the likes of Vivenne Tam and Dita Von Teese.

Vivienne Tam, fashion designer and author of China Chic has used QR Codes in her Fall 2013 collection (image below). During New York Fashion Week some of the QR Code prints were difficult to scan, whilst being strutted on the runway, but at least one resolved to the designer’s website. See more here.

QR Codes and Fashion Week 2013

Dita Von Teese uses QR Codes to Connect fans.

Von Teese has sewn QR Codes directly into the lining of her dresses. As you will see on PSFK blog the QR Code links to her twitter account that she personally maintains.

How BeautiControl and BestBuzz reached thousands at Fashion Week in New York:

During NYC Fashion Week, BeautiControl used QR Codes to drive their mobile marketing campaign to industry influencers and in turn reach hundreds of thousands of potential users. This is how they used BestBuzz, the leader in Social Reward Technology, to reach those new customers.

If your fashion needs to get #BUZZED then contact the leader Mobile Marketing Technology at Download the BestBuzz App today by texting BUZZ to 635-66. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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BestBuzz uses QR codes to Power the Peoples Choice Award at Dallas ADDYs 2013

On Wednesday February 20th 2013, BestBuzz, the leaders in QR Code innovation, mobile marketing and social reward technology are proudly powering The People’s Choice Award at the AAF Dallas – ADDYs Awards 2013, to be held at The Hyatt Regency in Dallas.

The ADDY® Awards represent the true spirit of creative excellence by recognizing all forms of advertising from media of all types, creative by all sizes and entrants of all levels.

This is the second consecutive year that BestBuzz has powered the Dallas ADDYs 2013 People’s Choice Award with their patented QR code and free smart phone app technology. Attendees at the award ceremony will text BUZZ to 63566 to download the app and scan QR codes to vote live for their favorite ad campaign. This year they will also be able to vote for their favorite student piece to win a Student ADDY Award.

The theme of the event will be “May the Best Baby Win” and as BestBuzz creates custom QR codes, they specially customized the ADDY’s event logo of a pacifier to feature a fully scan-able QR Code.

Dallas ADDY's QR code created by BestBuzz for the 2013 event.

Scan this unique QR code and download the free BestBuzz app.

Carrie Layne Founder and CEO of BestBuzz says,

“We worked with the AAF Dallas to develop a solution for the ADDY’s that will leverage the BestBuzz technology to create engaging mobile voting experiences.  The BestBuzz platform will trigger real-time voting results from a mobile mix of QR codes, SMS and NFC technologies.  We love working with creative agencies to build campaigns around mobile-entry points that deliver powerful results on social media.”


Not only will voters be choosing their favorite campaign, they will also be spreading social word of mouth BUZZ about the event. The BestBuzz platform is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare meaning BestBuzz is able to reach voters friends on Social Media and tell them about the event, thus spreading the viral word of mouth about the ADDY’s and their favorite campaign; Which is not only great news for the ADDY’s organizers but also for the campaign creators!


Justin Adu, The AAf Dallas ADDY’s Chair said, “Last year, AAF Dallas had the honor and pleasure of having BestBuzz host and sponsor the People’s Choice Award, allowing attendees the opportunity to cast their own vote on the best creative entry entered into The Dallas ADDYs 2012. This was most definitely the highlight of the night & people are already talking about participating in the fun again this year for the Dallas ADDYs 2013.”

For more information about the event visit

QR Codes send Little Monsters Gaga

Dallas goes Gaga with BestBuzz to get tickets to the Ball

Lady Gaga ticket competition

Users were invited to scan the Lady Gaga QR code to win free tickets

The Born This Way Ball starring Lady Gaga hits the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on January 29, 2013. BestBuzz, the leader in mobile marketing technology and social media rewards, wanted to make sure that two of her Little Monsters could go to the ball on them.

In another groundbreaking mobile marketing campaign, BestBuzz enticed Lady Gaga fans to download the free BestBuzz app and scan the custom-designed, patent-pending QR code to trigger an exclusive experience for users.

QR codes mean prizes

Custom designed and branded QR codes are a specialty of BestBuzz, which has worked with national brands and businesses ranging from vitaminwater® to Bryan Street Tavern to create successful mobile marketing campaigns.

The BestBuzz team placed posters with the Buzz QR Code all over Dallas in social hot-spots as well as in digital spaces such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

And the winner is…

On Friday, January 25,after only 14 days of buzzing in, Elizabeth Barnes was announced as the lucky winner of the Lady Gaga promotion. Elizabeth first started using BestBuzz after she saw a BestBuzz QR code promoting a movie screening in the Dallas Observer. She used the code to get free passes to a movie screening and hasn’t stopped buzzing since.

Elizabeth Barnes and her son Hector claim their Lady Gaga tickets.

Lady Gaga ticket winner Elizabeth Barnes with her son,Hector.

She says, “I love how easy BestBuzz is to use! I just point and click and get GREAT rewards!” I use it to scan QR codes and bar codes so it is a very useful app to have on my iPhone.”

After being so happy with the BestBuzz app experience, she also liked the BestBuzz Facebook page where she learned about the Lady Gaga promotion and buzzed in to win. The only difficulty she has now is picking which Little Monster she should take to the ball! Elizabeth’s experience demonstrates how mobile marketing campaigns that integrate social reward technology drive brand loyalty.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ “The BestBuzz app is so easy to use, just scan with your phone and win!”

QR codes mean businesses win too!

The Born This Way Ball mobile marketing promotion was a huge success, with over 48 people scanning the QR code to create over 19,258 social impressions and over 1,034 clicks on the mobile landing page.

Through the BestBuzz dashboard tools and analytics, BestBuzz measured the campaign activity 24/7 showing 79% of the scans came from iPhone® users and 21% from Android users. Lady Gaga is the Queen of Twitter so it may not be surprising that the majority of social impressions came from the 140-character social media platform, with just over 5000 from Facebook and 2500 from LinkedIn®.

BestBuzz creates a complete mobile experience as it is quick and easy to use in a mobile environment. If you already have the BestBuzz app, you just fire it up and scan QR codes with your device. You are instantly taken to a Mobile Landing Page to enter your details for giveaways. For users that don’t already have the BestBuzz app, a short-code SMS is always available. For this promotion, “Text GAGA to 63566” was created, taking users to their Apple, Android or Blackberry app store with BestBuzz downloading in less than 60 seconds.

Get Buzzed!

QR Code Fury Fuels iPad Appetite

BestBuzz are the masters of custom QR codes

The custom QR code created by BestBuzz

BestBuzz loves to give back, so with the holiday season approaching, Carrie Layne, founder and CEO of BestBuzz, saw an opportunity to reward  loyal fans with an iPad® mini by scanning a QR code with the BestBuzz mobile app.

BestBuzz, a leader in mobile marketing technology and social media rewards, created a “one of a kind” apple-shaped QR code to trigger an exclusive experience for users that scanned the QR code with the BestBuzz app. Custom designed and branded QR codes are a specialty of BestBuzz, which has worked with brands from vitaminwater® to Bryan Street Tavern to create successful mobile marketing campaigns.

After 30 days of furious buzzing, Susan Vaughn was announced as the lucky winner! BestBuzz had the opportunity to speak with Susan, who shared her strategy. Susan was relentless in buzzing daily, and for very good reason. Susan’s partner, Angelica, has end-stage renal failure and has to undergo dialysis three times a week for four hours at a time. Angelica also has trouble with her eyes due to diabetes. Susan explains, “About two years ago, Angelica mentioned that she’d love to have an iPad because it has a bigger screen and she would be able see what she was doing. We’ve not been able to afford an iPad, so she’s going to be SO surprised when she receives the iPad mini!”

Susan has some history with BestBuzz. She became aware of the tech startup after she followed a local blog that mentioned how BestBuzz was using its patent-pending technology platform to create a social good campaign with Cadillac.

Susan mentioned that she was also one of the first 100 “likes” on the BestBuzz Facebook page and has been a “HUGE fan ever since!”


Susan downloaded the free BestBuzz mobile app and was instantly impressed by how easily the app scanned QR codes. She also uses the “Explore Places” tab, stating, “I love that I can be anywhere in the city and find a great restaurant or service that I might need. It’s been a lifesaver!”

Susan and Angelica are looking forward to using Angry Birds, Dream Heights and Draw Something on the iPad mini, and of course, the BestBuzz app. Susan is a confessed “long time Buzzer.” She reveals: “I really can’t make it through a day without checking out places around me, and I’m always stalking the Facebook page to see what new businesses are buzzing!”

The iPad mini QR code promotion was a huge success, with over 100 people scanning the QR code to create over 30,000 social impressions and over 870 clicks.

QR code iPad promo stats

BestBuzz stats that show QR codes are a great way to drive Buzz about your business

Through the BestBuzz dashboard tools and analytics, Bestbuzz measured the campaign activity 24/7 showing 85 % of the scans came from iPhone® users and 14% from Android users. Also, over 50% of the impressions came from Facebook, and the rest were evenly split between Twitter and LinkedIn® users.

If you’re a business owner ready to learn how the BestBuzz platform can drive mobile and social engagement for your marketing campaigns, please contact the BestBuzz team or email

Text the word “BUZZ” to the number 635-66 to download the free BestBuzz mobile app.
(Available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphone devices — Windows coming soon.)

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