How to Use QR Codes

Custom QR Codes from BestBuzz the leader in Mobile Marketing Technology

Custom QR Codes from BestBuzz the leader in Mobile Marketing Technology

QR Codes pack an information punch. These codes are one of many Mobile Entry Points, such as NFC, image recognition, barcodes and SMS Text Messaging. Mobile Entry Points bridge the gap between the physical and digital world when accessed via a mobile phone.  The QR Code pattern can hold up to 4,296 alpha-numeric characters; Way more than old school barcodes that can only hold 12-20 numbers. Even though most QR Codes have the same generic black and white look, don’t be deceived; not all QR codes are the same.

Dynamic vs. Static

QR Codes can be dynamic or static. Dynamic QR Codes, also called live QR Codes, can be edited in real time.  The actual QR Code pattern does not change, however the destination can be changed instantly.

A static QR Code on the other hand can never be changed. It will always go to its primary destination. The QR Code pattern is actually made from the text of the link, book  or whatever it links to and is embedded in the pattern. Most QR codes that are created free online are static.

Dynamic QR Codes obviously have the advantage over static QR Codes in Mobile Marketing. If you print your dynamic QR Code on a flyer or other piece of marketing material, you can change the message behind the QR Code without having to reprint the flyer! This makes that piece of marketing collateral all the more valuable as you can always keep it up to date with your latest offer, special or reward.

How to use QR Codes

Qr Codes also have very different uses.  Fast readability and a great storage capacity make them well suited to do the following;

  • -Track
  • -Label
  • -Market
  • -Combination of all three.

Tracking (Logistics)

A tracking QR Code provides logistical information for the producer and is not meant for public use.  The QR Code system was born in 1994 by Toyota to track auto parts during manufacturing.  Tracking QR Codes assist with planning, implementing and controlling the effective and efficient flow of goods and services from the point of creation all the way to the end user. Back end tasks like production management, trace-ability, inventory management, inspection and data entry all benefit from using tracking QR Codes.


Using QR Codes for labeling helps when a surface area is limited and you have a lot of information to share.  Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, fast food and legal companies can all benefit from QR Codes used for labeling.  Long winded text that takes up pages worth of space can be packed into one code.

Labeling QR Codes publicly provide informative text, like terms of usage and nutritional information.  Even boring pages of legal jargon can be quickly accessed from one code.


QR Codes created for marketing create a dynamic link  for customer interaction and engagement in the digital world. Marketing QR Codes connect people to businesses, brands and events. These QR Codes are perfect  for the age old marketing tactic of word of mouth reach in the high tech digital age.

Custom QR Codes are QR Codes for marketing that have been customized with a logo.  This customization creates trust and familiarity and is more likely to be scanned.

Marketing QR codes provide interaction between a consumer and a brand by leading them quickly to information like directions, prices, surveys and social media sites.

Buzz Code

BestBuzz specializes in providing you the perfect QR Code for your business needs. We provide QR Codes for labeling, marketing and tracking.  We like to call them Buzz Codes as they deliver an unique experience over any other QR code you will find in the market place. They have been used by a diverse set of companies, from energy drinks  to movie production companies who want to spread the word about a new movie! BestBuzz also provides you with a dashboard that you can access 24-7 to see how effective your promotions are, what smart-phone platforms your customers are suing and what social media network they prefer to contact you on. We hope this has given you some more information on how to use QR Codes and which QR Code is right for you?

Have you used QR Codes in your mobile marketing?  How are they working for you? Please tell us below:

Get in the Integrated Mobile Marketing Space with Custom QR codes

QR codes; those funny little square things you see placed innocuously on product packaging and in glossy magazine ads. They appear on shelves next to products in supermarkets, car dealerships and home improvement stores. But do you know what they do? Do you know what they can do for your business if used in the right way? Did you know that these funny little boxes can actually provide you with in depth reporting about your customers and launch you in to the integrated mobile marketing space?

Vote for BestBuzz by scanning this QR code

Scan this code to see how a regular QR code works

Who is using them?

According to a survey released in February 2013*:

  • 1 in 5 Americans say they have used a QR code.
  • The USA ranks as Number 1 in QR code use.
  • 27% of those that scan QR codes are aged 18-34.

Why do people scan QR codes?

QR codes are a quick way of getting information. See a code, scan it with your phone and instantly get digital information delivered to the palm of your hands on your smartphone. They have been traditionally used to show a video or visit a mobile version of a website, but QR codes can do so much more and be incredibly interactive.

What can you do with QR codes for your business?

Custom QR codes can make your integrated mobile marketing campaigns more effective by simply adding them to the print media you are already producing. Do you advertise in your local newspaper? Do you have posters and flyers advertising your businesses and events? Do you print menus or price lists? Just add a custom QR code on your next round of print media and have an extra 19%* of people see your message on their smartphone.

Which QR code company should you use?

Well, you can go ahead and get a QR code printed for free and link it to a static version of your website, (Boring for your customers and not very worthwhile for your business.) or you can use BestBuzz to create a custom QR Code that rewards your customers for scanning your code and drives your mobile marketing campaign to 25 x more people.

BestBuzz is designed for businesses to get maximum exposure from custom QR Code scans. Not only does BestBuzz have awesome patented round QR codes that stand out in all the QR Co0de clutter, we even make custom ones with your very own business logo.  These custom codes also link to your customer’s social media accounts. So instead of just being in your customers’ hands, you can also be in all their friends’ hands too.

Call us for a Custom QR code for your business

BestBuzz specializes in Custom QR codes

BestBuzz also provides full analytics and reporting on who is scanning your code, what type of phone they are using and where in the country they are. It also lets you see how many people you are reaching on social media and which platform your customers and their friends are most active on. Everyone knows that data is the key to understanding your customer and BestBuzz gives you amazing data that you can use to make sure you are in front of your customers and offering them what they want to hear.

To learn how BestBuzz can get launch you in to the integrated mobile marketing space  you can attend an line demo by clicking here:

To see how BestBuzz powered an amazing integrated mobile marketing campaign using custom QR codes for Bakers Ribs download the case study, here.

We always love to hear what you are doing to make your mobile marketing buzz-worthy. What tips do you have for businesses using QR codes?
*(Pitney Bowes survey of 2,000 consumers in the US and 1,000 in France, Germany, and the UK respectively.)

May the Fourth Be With You – and Your Star Wars QR Code

May the Fourth is just another day to non Star Wars folks, but to closet Jedi’s everywhere, May the Fourth (be with you) is a day to celebrate the beloved Star Wars movies in a way only geeks can.

As technology advances and Star Wars gatherings become easier to organize, BestBuzz takes a look at some of the most innovative ways in which you can celebrate with your fellow members of the Empire during this year’s May the Fourth events.


Being in the QR code space, we had to get involved. Text BUZZ to 635-66, follow the link to download the BestBuzz app and scan our Death Star shaped QR code to learn some fun facts to amaze your friends with on May the Fourth.

May the Fourth QR Code

Scan our May the Fourth QR code to find out cool facts about the day


This year on May the Fourth, Disney’s Hollywood Studios will host a “Limited Time Magic” event. This is a natural next step for the company that has just announced they will be releasing a new Star Wars movie every year starting in 2015. Until then you can click on these adorable videos from the Disney website.

What do I wear?

Check out our cool Star Wars Pinterest board for the latest in Star Wars apparel and gifts to wow your friends as you greet them with the phrase “May the Fourth be With You”:


May the Fourth be With You and your Star Trek friends

Wear this Chewie Hoodie and feel the Fourth of May force!


May the Fourth Exercises

None of us want to gain the figure of Jabba the Hut, so exercise is important!

Why not try out some of these Star Wars Yoga Moves on May The Fouth


Get Tattooed

One tattoo shop in Minneapolis is offering tattoos between 50 and 100 dollars to forever commemorate the special day. Appointments start at noon, but dont bank on using Jedi Mind Tricks to get you booked in click on this link and call.

Show your Love for May the Fourth with a tattoo

Don’t just love Star Wars on May the Fourth, do it all year round with a tattoo

Tell us: How do to celebrate a day of Galatic proportions? Do you have a favorite character that you will dress up as? Let’s discuss below.

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QR Codes Get Fishy

How can you reach your restaurant customers with your Mobile Marketing Campaign?

How can you reach your restaurant customers with your Mobile Marketing Campaign?

QR codes are incredibly versatile, so versatile that any business will benefit from using one.The black and white squares act as an instant link between brands and smartphone owners.Opening up the communication channel to tell the user anything you want.  Even Fun Fish Facts!

I know fish may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of QR codes, but sustainability of our oceans is a hot topic right now and what better way to get the message out there than when your customers are salivating over some sashimi?

QR codes Educate Diners

One restaurant in California is using QR codes in a unique way to better educate its smartphone assisted sushi diners about the fish stocks in our oceans. Mobile Commerce News (March 27th 2013 edition), writes about a sushi restaurant, Harney Sushi in California, painting edible QR codes on rice paper which are then displayed on the customers plate. As we all know, “dining with our device” in now common place, as is adding pics of our plates to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using our Apple or Android smartphone , so enticing customers to scan a QR code at supper is the next natural step.

The QR codes at Harney Sushi link to the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration website (NOAA for short.) where diners are told about the sustainability of the fish they are eating. Mobile Commerce News says this is now sparking a worldwide trend.

Make Your QR Codes and Mobile Marketing Buzz

How can this campaign be even more effective? When trying to educate a population about an issue, the more people that know the better. So why not have those users spread NOAA’s FishWatch message among all their friends, too? By using BestBuzz QR codes or “BuzzCodes,” fish connoisseurs can connect to their social media when they scan a buzz code and tell all their eco-warrior friends how the restaurant they are eating at is fighting for the fishes!

Schedule Your Demo Now

Has this got your technology taste buds tingling? Do you want to reward your diners for spreading the word about you in an easy-to-measure way? Why not schedule a demo, or sign up for our newsletter or download one of our case studies to see how BestBuzz can place your next mobile marketing campaign in the hands of your customers and allow you to focus on running your business while reaping all the rewards of digital word of mouth reach.

BestBuzz QR Codes Power Big Texas Beer Fest

The only way to get free tickets to Big Texas Beer Fest is to scan this QR code

This Texas shaped QR code will win you FREE Sold Out VIP Tickets to the Big Texas Beer Fest.

The Big Texas Beer Fest is back and better than ever.  The event, which was founded last year by beer aficionados and husband and wife team,  Chad and Nellie Montgomery,  will be held in the Automotive Building at Fair Park on April 6th. The event will feature more than 100 breweries from around the world, including 20+ from the state of Texas.  This year’s attendance is anticipated to surpass the 4,000 attendees the inaugural event drew last year.

Big Texas Beer Fest is Powered by BestBuzz.

“After meeting with Carrie and Ondine at BestBuzz, we were really excited about BestBuzz’s ability to translate our message to a captive audience, with their unique technology platform. We’re excited and honored to be working with their team!”  said Nellie.

The only way to get VIP Tickets!

BestBuzz is excited to be sponsoring the Big Texas Beer Fest. Our App & QR codes will power the giveaways, which includes two pairs of sold out VIP tickets! 

Text BEERS to 63566 to download the BestBuzz QR Code Scanner and scan the  Texas shaped QR code on the flyer above and enter to win 2 VIP tickets to the event.

Winners will be notified by email.

Event Details

While last year’s event featured mostly Texas brewers from the local area, this year’s event has drawn brewers from Austin, Houston, Seattle, and from other parts of the country and world to come showcase their best brews. “We were fortunate to have really unique beers last year” commented Chad, “the lineup at this year’s festival will be even better.”

The success of the 2012 festival, which was named one of the Top 14 craft beer and spirits festivals in the United States by, also gained international attention. Chad was excited to tell us that Chris Bauweraerts, brewer at Brasserie d’Achouffe in Belgium, will be one of the thousands of attendees this year.

In addition to award-winning beers from all over the world, the festival will also feature 10 local food trucks. You will be able to sample artisan cheeses, locally roasted coffee, craft sodas, and real Texas jerky! Local bands, The O’s, The Hanna Barbarians, and Fish Fry Bingo, (the official band of Texas craft beer) are also scheduled to the energy going with their unique and funky styles.

Tickets for the festival are on sale now. Unfortunately, VIP tickets are already sold out, but make sure to snag your GA tickets ($35) as soon as possible.  A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will benefit the North Texas Food Bank.

For more information, visit Big Texas Beer Fest’s site or connect with them on Facebook

Dallas Mavs Love of Community Inspires BestBuzz in Deep Ellum

Win Dallas maverick Tickets | Mavs vs Suns

If you haven’t already heard, DFW AMA luncheons are the best place to meet and mingle with some of the most creative minds in the metroplex (plus snag a great meal out of the office — score!). Today’s luncheon at the Bent Tree Golf Club was especially exciting because we got the opportunity to hear from the Dallas Mavericks Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Paul Monroe.

He detailed how his marketing team creates the “360-degree experience” for fans. His team takes everything into consideration, from the guy or gal taking the ticket at the front gate to the videos playing during the games. Paul and his team tirelessly create, monitor, and analyze every detail of the fan experience. They even design more than 1200 marketing pieces each season (by ONE graphic designer, no less). Whether the season is in full swing or the boys are enjoying some time off, Paul’s team delivers a consistent message that helps turn basketball fans into a MFFL (Mavs Fans for Life).

Strumming on our heartstrings, he told us how the Dallas Mavs get involved in the Dallas community, particularly Deep Ellum … hey, that’s our side of town! The Mavs’ main offices are not at the American Airlines Center even though they play there; they are actually in Deep Ellum and have been for decades. Not only are they wonderful neighbors, they participate in many events to help brighten this small but vibrant slice of Dallas. From events like Raise the Arts, which helps raise funds for arts supplies for underprivileged families to one-of-a-kind art auctions, the Mavs help bring life to our historic neighborhood. So for us, not only do we have an awesome basketball team, BestBuzz has a neighbor that loves it here as much as we do.

What an inspiration! So we decided to find a way to give back, too. We’re going to generate some Mavericks Buzz by giving away a pair of Mavs tickets:  How about the Phoenix Suns April 10th game just for you? Text MAVS to 63566 and Buzz-In to win! The winner will be announced Friday, March 29! Good luck, happy buzzing, and GO MAVS!

How to Buzz-in:

  1. Text MAVS to 63566
  2. Download the BestBuzz App
  3. Scan the Buzz QR Code
  4. Click “Enter to Win!”
  5. Click “ENTER TO WIN HERE” & fill out your first name, last name, and email address.
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