How Integrated Mobile Marketing Will Maximize Your Cinco de Mayo Campaign

Cinco de Mayo is known throughout the USA as a day to go out and drink copious amounts of tequila, fill your belly with Fajitas and celebrate all things Mexican. For businesses and brands, it is also an excellent way to have fun with your customers and attract new ones.

These days, no good fiesta is complete without a smartphone in hand to capture pictures and videos of the festivities. As a new study from SinglePlatform at Constant Contact and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey shows us, 81 percent of consumers have searched for a restaurant on a mobile app in the last six months.

So what are you doing to make your mobile marketing pop? How can you engage new customers using mobile marketing? We look at some big brand mobile marketing campaigns that are getting it right and also see where some can be improved by adding that Integrated mobile marketing element.

Engage your fans for your Integrated Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Moe’s Southwest Grill use fan pictures in their Integrated Mobile Marketing

Moe’s Southwest Grill is embracing customers who ‘Dine with their Device.’ This year they launched a fun mobile marketing element to their “Cinco de Moes” campaign. Customers can purchase 32-ounce cups with headless illustration of a person wearing a Moe’s T-shirt. Moe’s customers then can place the cups under their chins and take a photo that makes them look like a Moe’s bobble head.  Moe’s “fans” then post their bobble head moments on FacebookTwitter or Instagram, using the hash tag #cincodemoes. Moe’s has also set up fan galleries on Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ and has posted two funny Vine videos which were tweeted to their followers.

Mobile Engagement provides ROI

What are the results of integrating mobile to this campaign?  “Sales of the cups have been great, we’re getting lots of new ‘likes’ on Facebook and sign-ups to attend Cinco de Moe’s on our Facebook events page, and we expect the bobble head posts to multiply in this next week preceding Cinco de Mayo,” Moe’s CMO Paul Macaluso tells Media Post News, Marketing  Daily reporter, KarleneLukovitz. So if a restaurant chain can create that much engagement with integrated mobile marketing, how do the bigger brands, synonymous with Cinco de Mayo fare?

We all know he is, “The most interesting man in the world,” but does his mobile marketing entice customers to participate in Cinco de Mayo this year? Following on from last year’s literal play on mobile marketing, (Where Dos Equis actually took food trucks to 5 major cities in the US.), the most interesting man in the world has decided Cinco de Mayo falling on a Sunday, “simply doesn’t work”, so he has moved it to Thursday, ”Dos de Mayo.”

Dos Equis have a dedicated web-site along with a video and venue locator that links to Facebook so you can create an event and invite all your friends to a Dos Equis recommended locations. The website and video are “mobile friendly,” but we can’t really say the mobile campaign is integrated in a unique way that is likely to make that message viral and most importantly, drive interaction and sales with the brand.

What language do you speak to your customers in?

Next we look at Corona. This year’s marketing campaign will be called “Corona de Mayo” and will see a massive drive of in-store

Integrated Mobile Marketing made easy with BestBuzz

Struggling with which language to speak to your customer in? Make sure your mobile marketing campaign is integrated

collateral that will run up to May 5th. There will also be TV commercials which are available on their YouTube channel. The interesting thing to note here is that Corona is still deciding which language to speak to their customers in. One visit to their Facebook page will show you that all of their posts are in Spanish and English. We will touch on how Mobile Entry Points can solve these questions and turn it from an in-store campaign to a fully integrated mobile marketing campaign.

While Dos Equis and Corona are definitely trying to become integrated and mobile friendly, they can learn a lot from Moe’s Southwest Grill and from our friends at Man In Black Tequila who have co-ordinated successful venues and events with brands like as Blue Mesa Grill and SXSW to spread the word about their tequila, created by Governor of the Heart of Texas, Kinky Friedman. This not only targets the unique tequila demographic, but helps attract like-minded tequila drinkers to restaurants, concerts and events where Man In Black Tequila is served.

What makes your Integrated Mobile Marketing unique?

BestBuzz provided the tequila brand with a fully integrated mobile marketing campaign using SMS Text and a QR code to use as their mobile entry points. To win a Man In Black tequila shot glass or tickets to see Kinky live, revelers simply text KINKY to 63566 to download the free BestBuzz smartphone app (Available on all platforms.). Customers then scan the custom branded QR code on coasters to get their reward. (These coasters are used in stores, bars, restaurants and events.) BestBuzz automatically posts to the customers’ social media accounts, telling all their social media contacts that they are at SXSW drinking Man In Black Tequila and getting a free shot glass.

QR codes start Integrated Mobile Marketing

QR codes are a great way to integrate mobile marketing to your campaign

The BestBuzz app also detects which language the user’s phone is set to and will automatically show the message in the their preferred language. What does that mean for a brand like Corona? No more posts in two languages, no more in store displays in two languages, simply, one QR code (let’s face it, an image  is universal) and one message in over thirty languages!

Read all about it

You can see the results Man In Black Tequila are having with their tequila by downloading our case study. Spoiler alert; they have reached over 18,000 people with an integrated mobile marketing optimized message in less than 2 months!

As you finalize your Cinco de Mayo marketing plans, think about how you are tapping in to the mobile market. Are you doing enough? Who do you think is doing the best job this year? Let’s discuss below.

How Ocean Prime uses QR Codes in their Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Ocean Prime uses QR Codes in their restaurant marketing strategy

Could Ocean Prime improve their QR code experience in their restaurant marketing?

Lunch at Ocean Prime is always delicious and filling, so after eating just enough to still be productive at work, our team member asked for a take-out bag. When she got back to the office, I was happy to see the take-out bag had a QR Code on it, I always find it exciting to see a restaurant using QR Code technology and I enjoy scanning them to see where they will go and what my user experience will be.

The QR Code on the Ocean Prime bag opened up to a landing page. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a Mobile Landing Page, so I needed to pinch and zoom around the screen to see what I was being shown.

I then realized the website was a call to action for me to become an Ocean Prime VIP member. Looking at this scenario from a restaurant owners point of view, this a good way for a restaurant to use a QR Code for a number of reasons. As a restaurant owner:

1. I can actually read my customer’s details nice and clearly, (as long as they fill out the form) and the data is immediately available to me. It also saves me time as I don’t  have to wade through bunches of cards that have been filled out at the restaurant by diners.
2. I get my customers details and preferred method of engagement for the future.
3. I send my customers back to my website and have the chance to further entice them to engage with my brand.

Are you using mobile optimization in your restaurant marketing for mobile devices?

Don’t make your customers pinch & zoom.

How to Maximize Restaurant Promotion Ideas

So what more could Ocean Prime have done to maximize my QR code experience?

A Mobile Landing Page is a MUST when communicating with mobile device users. These folks are on the move, and if your mobile experience doesn’t delight with 3 seconds, they will abandon you.

If Ocean Prime had used BestBuzz, the user experience would have been designed specifically with the user in mind. Our Mobile Landing Pages are designed ergonomically, meaning the buttons are where they need to be for people to use them easily. All the ways to reach the business are easy to find and use. This of course delights the user and results in much better engagement.

Can your mobile customers interact easily with your digital restaurant marketing?

This Mobile Landing Page is optimized for smart device users on the move.

A BestBuzz Mobile Landing Page does not require the user to pinch and zoom to see the company message. Also, if Ocean Prime were to use a BuzzCode instead of a standard QR Code, all of my friends on Social Media would have seen that I was interacting with Ocean Prime and being rewarded for doing so.

To put that in perspective, my one scan would have generated a social share exposure of over 3000 social impressions (that is how many contacts I have on social media). So imagine if the other 4 people that I had lunch with that day also scanned their bags with a BuzzCode?

BestBuzz also offers your customers rewards for interacting with you. Every time your customer scans, you have the opportunity to reward them.  You choose what to offer and when. You have total control of your brand message as well as the length and time of your promotions.  You also have access to  important data and analytics about your customers, such as what type of phone they own and which social networks they prefer to use.

Get Help With Your Restaurant Promotion Ideas

If you are thinking of using QR codes to market your restaurant, speak to us. You don’t have to take just my word for it, you can download a case study of how a well established Dallas eatery used QR codes to launch their new restaurant, reward their loyal while attracting new ones and create over 70,000 social impressions.


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Scan QR Codes with the BestBuzz app to Vote for The Best of Big D Today

The Best of Big D 2013

Today is the last day to support local businesses in Dallas by voting in D Magazine’s “The Best of Big D.”  By now you have likely seen The Best of Big D 2013 signs around town with those funny little black-and-white squares.  These are called QR codes, (Quick Response) providing users with a simple way to instantly have a mobile experience without the pain of typing in a long URL.

D Magazine, is using QR Codes to allow you to vote for your favorite places to win the honor of being voted “The Best of Big D” 2013.

Haven’t cast your votes? Text BUZZ to 63566, download the BestBuzz App to your smart phone. BestBuzz is an App that allows you to scan QR Codes. So now that  you have the app, go ahead and vote by scanning the image below!

D Magazine QR Code 2013


 Vote for your favorite Place in Big D

Over 40 different categories ranging from:

Best vegetarian-friendly restaurant.

Best food truck.

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Best coffee.

Best cheese shop.




If you would like to know more about QR codes, check out the BestBuzz post everything you ever wanted to know about QR codes.

BestBuzz is a Dallas based tech company that has been ranked in the Top 10 Hottest Startups by Tech Cocktail and Startup America.  Carrie Layne, the founder of BestBuzz, was born and raised right here in Dallas, TX.  Carrie grew up in Plano and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Advertising.  Carrie Layne is an expert in digital marketing and technology. She has been active in the industry for over 14 years.  BestBuzz has an office in Deep Ellum and they are opening a second office in New York this spring.

BestBuzz is a mobile app and technology platform that bridges the gap between the physical and the digital worlds, so that restaurants and businesses can provide rewarding experiences to their customers in real-time. Every business owner will tell you that word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising. We built a mobile marketing software platform that lets businesses reward their customers for sharing word-of-mouth buzz with their friends on almost any social media network.

Rewards can range from exclusive experiences, special offers or random surprises, and they can be delivered to customers several ways, including time of day, loyalty and location.

We focus on seven major Mobile Entry Points (MEP’s), which include SMS text, QR codes, NFC, geo-fencing, barcode scanning, and the emerging, augmented reality and brand image recognition.

QR Codes by Mobile Marketing Leader BestBuzz

Download the BestBuzz app today and scan the Bryan Street Tavern BuzzCode to experience the Buzz for yourself. Bryan Street Tavern has had over 300 people scan their BuzzCode and reached 66,329 people on Facebook and Twitter with a message about their businesses specials and promotions. Watch the testimonial video below to learn more about their experience with BestBuzz.

If you are you ready to broaden your mobile marketing, take the first step today by contacting us to schedule your demo of BestBuzz. We will show you how it will help your customers spread the message about your business. Businesses can receive a free consultation by calling us at 214-741-1887 or emailing us at