BestBuzz Shakes Up the AAF Dallas – ADDYs

BestBuzz, the leader in Mobile Marketing and Social Reward technology was once again asked to power onsite voting at the AAF Dallas – 2013 Dallas ADDY Awards on February 20th, 2013 at the stunning Hyatt Regency in Dallas, TX. Five hundred attendees enjoyed a wonderful evening celebrating the best and most creative advertising work in Dallas.

For the second consecutive year, the AAF created a special ADDY Award called the People’s Choice Award, which was powered by BestBuzz. This year was the first time student entries were eligible for their own People’s Choice Award.

BestBuzz built a custom voting platform for the ADDYs, which included QR codes, SMS text messaging, social media, and mobile landing pages to seamlessly integrate these technologies and enhance the attendee’s voting experience.   All of the results were calculated and tracked in real-time from the BestBuzz dashboard. The winner was announced near the conclusion of the event by Carrie Layne, the founder and CEO of BestBuzz.

The winner of the Student People’s Choice Award was Jordan Hill / Fed Pacheco, University of North Texas for the Get Closer – The Sixth Floor Museum. The winner of the People’s Choice Award went to Firehouse for Interstate Batteries and “No Battery lasts Longer” Print Campaign.

The 2013 ADDY Award Winners Firehouse powered by BestBuzz

BestBuzz CEO Carrie Layne with the 2013 Peoples Choice Award ADDY Winners,Firehouse.

Carrie has quite the reputation in the Mobile Marketing world for being uniquely active in the space. She has 2 QR codes tattooed on her arm and is known throughout North America as the CEO with “Skin in the Game;” so when it came to announcing the winner of the People’s Choice Awards she wanted to shake up the room. In keeping with current digital trends, Carrie, invited the 500 attendee’s to get to their feet and become part of one of the largest Harlem Shakes in Dallas history!

“We are very excited to be asked to be part of the ADDY Awards for the second consecutive year!  The most thrilling part of the night is when we get to honor the People’s Choice Award winner with their own ADDY award that was voted for by their advertising peers,” said Carrie, before placing a paper bag on her head and leading the room  to a dancing frenzy.

But there is a more serious side to BestBuzz and that is one of delivering real-time solutions to events and brands that revolutionize traditional activities and maximize results. BestBuzz put a system in place, so that the voting couldn’t be gamed.

As a result of the BestBuzz platform, 110 attendees scanned the BestBuzz QR codes, and voted for their favorite creative artwork.  The Dallas ADDY campaign reached over 18,000 social media impressions in just two hours.

Other big winners of the night included:

Best of Show Overall: TM Advertising for Amber Ayres and the Best Friends Campaign

Best of Show TV: The Richards Group for Accor North America and Metamorphosis for Hotel 6

Caliber Creative for Gold Addy Awards in Packaging, Brochure, Special Event Material, Consumer, Local

Users can download the free BestBuzz QR code reader by texting the word “BUZZ” to 635-66.   BestBuzz is available for Apple, Android, and BlackBerry 6.0+.  Businesses can receive a free consultation and trial by contacting BestBuzz and mentioning the code ADDYBUZZ through March 20th, 2013.

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BestBuzz uses QR codes to Power the Peoples Choice Award at Dallas ADDYs 2013

On Wednesday February 20th 2013, BestBuzz, the leaders in QR Code innovation, mobile marketing and social reward technology are proudly powering The People’s Choice Award at the AAF Dallas – ADDYs Awards 2013, to be held at The Hyatt Regency in Dallas.

The ADDY® Awards represent the true spirit of creative excellence by recognizing all forms of advertising from media of all types, creative by all sizes and entrants of all levels.

This is the second consecutive year that BestBuzz has powered the Dallas ADDYs 2013 People’s Choice Award with their patented QR code and free smart phone app technology. Attendees at the award ceremony will text BUZZ to 63566 to download the app and scan QR codes to vote live for their favorite ad campaign. This year they will also be able to vote for their favorite student piece to win a Student ADDY Award.

The theme of the event will be “May the Best Baby Win” and as BestBuzz creates custom QR codes, they specially customized the ADDY’s event logo of a pacifier to feature a fully scan-able QR Code.

Dallas ADDY's QR code created by BestBuzz for the 2013 event.

Scan this unique QR code and download the free BestBuzz app.

Carrie Layne Founder and CEO of BestBuzz says,

“We worked with the AAF Dallas to develop a solution for the ADDY’s that will leverage the BestBuzz technology to create engaging mobile voting experiences.  The BestBuzz platform will trigger real-time voting results from a mobile mix of QR codes, SMS and NFC technologies.  We love working with creative agencies to build campaigns around mobile-entry points that deliver powerful results on social media.”


Not only will voters be choosing their favorite campaign, they will also be spreading social word of mouth BUZZ about the event. The BestBuzz platform is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare meaning BestBuzz is able to reach voters friends on Social Media and tell them about the event, thus spreading the viral word of mouth about the ADDY’s and their favorite campaign; Which is not only great news for the ADDY’s organizers but also for the campaign creators!


Justin Adu, The AAf Dallas ADDY’s Chair said, “Last year, AAF Dallas had the honor and pleasure of having BestBuzz host and sponsor the People’s Choice Award, allowing attendees the opportunity to cast their own vote on the best creative entry entered into The Dallas ADDYs 2012. This was most definitely the highlight of the night & people are already talking about participating in the fun again this year for the Dallas ADDYs 2013.”

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BestBuzz’s ADDY Awards Take-Over

Every year, the best of the best in the world of advertising is celebrated at the ADDY awards.

At this years’ Dallas ADDY awards on Thursday, February 9th, BestBuzz got to mingle with the creme de la creme of advertising, hob nob with the hottest up-and-comers, and most exciting of all–power the first ever People’s Choice Award!

BestBuzz hosts the 2012 People's Choice Awards

BestBuzz hosts the 2012 People’s Choice Awards

With over 450 unique codes created for the evening’s event, attendees were able to vote for their favorite pieces in each category by scanning a unique Buzz QR Code corresponding with each entry.

In her speech, Carrie Layne, CEO and Founder of BestBuzz, told attendees that this was the “first event ever to integrate SMS text, ** calling, mobile apps, QR codes, trackable analytics, and a measurable return on investment (ROI).”

124 people scanned a Buzz QR code to vote, 70 people voted via SMS (text message) for over 120 entries, with one voter sending over 100 SMS messages!

Example of unique Buzz QR Code for each entry

Example of unique Buzz QR Code for each entry

As a result, BestBuzz and the message that someone had voted for their favorite piece at the ADDY’s, reached over 43,000 people on social media.

Because the BestBuzz platform is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Four Square, BestBuzz is able to determine that the voters at the event have an average of 346.77 friends on Facebook, which is 266% (or 2.5x) more friends than the quoted Facebook average of 130.

The 2012 People’s Choice Award went to Publicis Dallas for their Terminex advertisement, Termite Fries, in the non-traditional advertising category.

People's Choice Award, Powered by BestBuzz!

Dallas ADDYs People’s Choice Award, Powered by BestBuzz!

BestBuzz will also give away a Mobile Marketing Social Media Package worth over $5000 to a lucky winner who scans their full page logo in the Dallas 2012 ADDY’s Event Program.

The Buzz team had a great time at the event, and we are honored to have been a part of such a huge event in the AD world!


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