QR Codes send Little Monsters Gaga

QR Codes send Little Monsters Gaga

Dallas goes Gaga with BestBuzz to get tickets to the Ball

Lady Gaga ticket competition

Users were invited to scan the Lady Gaga QR code to win free tickets

The Born This Way Ball starring Lady Gaga hits the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on January 29, 2013. BestBuzz, the leader in mobile marketing technology and social media rewards, wanted to make sure that two of her Little Monsters could go to the ball on them.

In another groundbreaking mobile marketing campaign, BestBuzz enticed Lady Gaga fans to download the free BestBuzz app and scan the custom-designed, patent-pending QR code to trigger an exclusive experience for users.

QR codes mean prizes

Custom designed and branded QR codes are a specialty of BestBuzz, which has worked with national brands and businesses ranging from vitaminwater® to Bryan Street Tavern to create successful mobile marketing campaigns.

The BestBuzz team placed posters with the Buzz QR Code all over Dallas in social hot-spots as well as in digital spaces such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

And the winner is…

On Friday, January 25,after only 14 days of buzzing in, Elizabeth Barnes was announced as the lucky winner of the Lady Gaga promotion. Elizabeth first started using BestBuzz after she saw a BestBuzz QR code promoting a movie screening in the Dallas Observer. She used the code to get free passes to a movie screening and hasn’t stopped buzzing since.

Elizabeth Barnes and her son Hector claim their Lady Gaga tickets.

Lady Gaga ticket winner Elizabeth Barnes with her son,Hector.

She says, “I love how easy BestBuzz is to use! I just point and click and get GREAT rewards!” I use it to scan QR codes and bar codes so it is a very useful app to have on my iPhone.”

After being so happy with the BestBuzz app experience, she also liked the BestBuzz Facebook page where she learned about the Lady Gaga promotion and buzzed in to win. The only difficulty she has now is picking which Little Monster she should take to the ball! Elizabeth’s experience demonstrates how mobile marketing campaigns that integrate social reward technology drive brand loyalty.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ “The BestBuzz app is so easy to use, just scan with your phone and win!”

QR codes mean businesses win too!

The Born This Way Ball mobile marketing promotion was a huge success, with over 48 people scanning the QR code to create over 19,258 social impressions and over 1,034 clicks on the mobile landing page.

Through the BestBuzz dashboard tools and analytics, BestBuzz measured the campaign activity 24/7 showing 79% of the scans came from iPhone® users and 21% from Android users. Lady Gaga is the Queen of Twitter so it may not be surprising that the majority of social impressions came from the 140-character social media platform, with just over 5000 from Facebook and 2500 from LinkedIn®.

BestBuzz creates a complete mobile experience as it is quick and easy to use in a mobile environment. If you already have the BestBuzz app, you just fire it up and scan QR codes with your device. You are instantly taken to a Mobile Landing Page to enter your details for giveaways. For users that don’t already have the BestBuzz app, a short-code SMS is always available. For this promotion, “Text GAGA to 63566” was created, taking users to their Apple, Android or Blackberry app store with BestBuzz downloading in less than 60 seconds.

Get Buzzed!

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