QR Codes Get Fishy

QR Codes Get Fishy

How can you reach your restaurant customers with your Mobile Marketing Campaign?

How can you reach your restaurant customers with your Mobile Marketing Campaign?

QR codes are incredibly versatile, so versatile that any business will benefit from using one.The black and white squares act as an instant link between brands and smartphone owners.Opening up the communication channel to tell the user anything you want.  Even Fun Fish Facts!

I know fish may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of QR codes, but sustainability of our oceans is a hot topic right now and what better way to get the message out there than when your customers are salivating over some sashimi?

QR codes Educate Diners

One restaurant in California is using QR codes in a unique way to better educate its smartphone assisted sushi diners about the fish stocks in our oceans. Mobile Commerce News (March 27th 2013 edition), writes about a sushi restaurant, Harney Sushi in California, painting edible QR codes on rice paper which are then displayed on the customers plate. As we all know, “dining with our device” in now common place, as is adding pics of our plates to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using our Apple or Android smartphone , so enticing customers to scan a QR code at supper is the next natural step.

The QR codes at Harney Sushi link to the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration website (NOAA for short.) where diners are told about the sustainability of the fish they are eating. Mobile Commerce News says this is now sparking a worldwide trend.

Make Your QR Codes and Mobile Marketing Buzz

How can this campaign be even more effective? When trying to educate a population about an issue, the more people that know the better. So why not have those users spread NOAA’s FishWatch message among all their friends, too? By using BestBuzz QR codes or “BuzzCodes,” fish connoisseurs can connect to their social media when they scan a buzz code and tell all their eco-warrior friends how the restaurant they are eating at is fighting for the fishes!

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Has this got your technology taste buds tingling? Do you want to reward your diners for spreading the word about you in an easy-to-measure way? Why not schedule a demo, or sign up for our newsletter or download one of our case studies to see how BestBuzz can place your next mobile marketing campaign in the hands of your customers and allow you to focus on running your business while reaping all the rewards of digital word of mouth reach.

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