QR Code Fury Fuels iPad Appetite

QR Code Fury Fuels iPad Appetite

BestBuzz are the masters of custom QR codes

The custom QR code created by BestBuzz

BestBuzz loves to give back, so with the holiday season approaching, Carrie Layne, founder and CEO of BestBuzz, saw an opportunity to reward  loyal fans with an iPad® mini by scanning a QR code with the BestBuzz mobile app.

BestBuzz, a leader in mobile marketing technology and social media rewards, created a “one of a kind” apple-shaped QR code to trigger an exclusive experience for users that scanned the QR code with the BestBuzz app. Custom designed and branded QR codes are a specialty of BestBuzz, which has worked with brands from vitaminwater® to Bryan Street Tavern to create successful mobile marketing campaigns.

After 30 days of furious buzzing, Susan Vaughn was announced as the lucky winner! BestBuzz had the opportunity to speak with Susan, who shared her strategy. Susan was relentless in buzzing daily, and for very good reason. Susan’s partner, Angelica, has end-stage renal failure and has to undergo dialysis three times a week for four hours at a time. Angelica also has trouble with her eyes due to diabetes. Susan explains, “About two years ago, Angelica mentioned that she’d love to have an iPad because it has a bigger screen and she would be able see what she was doing. We’ve not been able to afford an iPad, so she’s going to be SO surprised when she receives the iPad mini!”

Susan has some history with BestBuzz. She became aware of the tech startup after she followed a local blog that mentioned how BestBuzz was using its patent-pending technology platform to create a social good campaign with Cadillac.

Susan mentioned that she was also one of the first 100 “likes” on the BestBuzz Facebook page and has been a “HUGE fan ever since!”


Susan downloaded the free BestBuzz mobile app and was instantly impressed by how easily the app scanned QR codes. She also uses the “Explore Places” tab, stating, “I love that I can be anywhere in the city and find a great restaurant or service that I might need. It’s been a lifesaver!”

Susan and Angelica are looking forward to using Angry Birds, Dream Heights and Draw Something on the iPad mini, and of course, the BestBuzz app. Susan is a confessed “long time Buzzer.” She reveals: “I really can’t make it through a day without checking out places around me, and I’m always stalking the Facebook page to see what new businesses are buzzing!”

The iPad mini QR code promotion was a huge success, with over 100 people scanning the QR code to create over 30,000 social impressions and over 870 clicks.

QR code iPad promo stats

BestBuzz stats that show QR codes are a great way to drive Buzz about your business

Through the BestBuzz dashboard tools and analytics, Bestbuzz measured the campaign activity 24/7 showing 85 % of the scans came from iPhone® users and 14% from Android users. Also, over 50% of the impressions came from Facebook, and the rest were evenly split between Twitter and LinkedIn® users.

If you’re a business owner ready to learn how the BestBuzz platform can drive mobile and social engagement for your marketing campaigns, please contact the BestBuzz team or email sales@bestbuzz.bz

Text the word “BUZZ” to the number 635-66 to download the free BestBuzz mobile app.
(Available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry smartphone devices — Windows coming soon.)

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