How Ocean Prime uses QR Codes in their Restaurant Marketing Strategy

How Ocean Prime uses QR Codes in their Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Ocean Prime uses QR Codes in their restaurant marketing strategy

Could Ocean Prime improve their QR code experience in their restaurant marketing?

Lunch at Ocean Prime is always delicious and filling, so after eating just enough to still be productive at work, our team member asked for a take-out bag. When she got back to the office, I was happy to see the take-out bag had a QR Code on it, I always find it exciting to see a restaurant using QR Code technology and I enjoy scanning them to see where they will go and what my user experience will be.

The QR Code on the Ocean Prime bag opened up to a landing page. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a Mobile Landing Page, so I needed to pinch and zoom around the screen to see what I was being shown.

I then realized the website was a call to action for me to become an Ocean Prime VIP member. Looking at this scenario from a restaurant owners point of view, this a good way for a restaurant to use a QR Code for a number of reasons. As a restaurant owner:

1. I can actually read my customer’s details nice and clearly, (as long as they fill out the form) and the data is immediately available to me. It also saves me time as I don’t  have to wade through bunches of cards that have been filled out at the restaurant by diners.
2. I get my customers details and preferred method of engagement for the future.
3. I send my customers back to my website and have the chance to further entice them to engage with my brand.

Are you using mobile optimization in your restaurant marketing for mobile devices?

Don’t make your customers pinch & zoom.

How to Maximize Restaurant Promotion Ideas

So what more could Ocean Prime have done to maximize my QR code experience?

A Mobile Landing Page is a MUST when communicating with mobile device users. These folks are on the move, and if your mobile experience doesn’t delight with 3 seconds, they will abandon you.

If Ocean Prime had used BestBuzz, the user experience would have been designed specifically with the user in mind. Our Mobile Landing Pages are designed ergonomically, meaning the buttons are where they need to be for people to use them easily. All the ways to reach the business are easy to find and use. This of course delights the user and results in much better engagement.

Can your mobile customers interact easily with your digital restaurant marketing?

This Mobile Landing Page is optimized for smart device users on the move.

A BestBuzz Mobile Landing Page does not require the user to pinch and zoom to see the company message. Also, if Ocean Prime were to use a BuzzCode instead of a standard QR Code, all of my friends on Social Media would have seen that I was interacting with Ocean Prime and being rewarded for doing so.

To put that in perspective, my one scan would have generated a social share exposure of over 3000 social impressions (that is how many contacts I have on social media). So imagine if the other 4 people that I had lunch with that day also scanned their bags with a BuzzCode?

BestBuzz also offers your customers rewards for interacting with you. Every time your customer scans, you have the opportunity to reward them.  You choose what to offer and when. You have total control of your brand message as well as the length and time of your promotions.  You also have access to  important data and analytics about your customers, such as what type of phone they own and which social networks they prefer to use.

Get Help With Your Restaurant Promotion Ideas

If you are thinking of using QR codes to market your restaurant, speak to us. You don’t have to take just my word for it, you can download a case study of how a well established Dallas eatery used QR codes to launch their new restaurant, reward their loyal while attracting new ones and create over 70,000 social impressions.


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  1. ondine says:

    Hi Chris, thank you for your reply.
    We did call your media outlet before we published the blog to hear your side of the story, but we had no definitive answer by the time we published the blog.
    We are glad you are progressing your QR code program and look forward to seeing the new customer experience soon.

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