New Media Art

New Media Art

BestBuzz loves New Media Art by Federico Solmi

We love technology.  We love art.

So it’s safe to say we love New Media Art.

Not familiar with New Media Art?  First we need to understand what New Media is.

New Media is not t.v., film,  magazines, books, or paper-based publications..aka Old School.
New Media is the internet, websites, computer multimedia,video games, GPS, and Wireless..aka New School.

Side Note:  Q.R. codes are considered new media, even though they are often printed on paper because they link to technologies that enable digital interactivity.

New Media Art is created with new media technologies.  This  includes digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, internet art, interactive art, video games, computer robotics, and art as biotechnology.

Some New Media Art Favorites.

Farm Fountain is an indoor ecosystem for growing edible and ornamental fish and plants.

BestBuzz loves New Media Art and Farm Fountain


E-Static Shadows is a  luminous electronic textile installation that acts as a static display or mirror, making invisible electrostatic charges generated by people visible.

E-Static Shadows New Media Art by Zane Berzina & Jackson Tan

E-Static Shadows New Media Art by Zane Berzina & Jackson Tan


 Gravicell: Gravity and Resistance  installation uses video projectors, screens, GPS receiver, custom made sensors, custom made steel panel floor, and  PCs to toy with the forces of gravity resistance.

New Media Art by Seiko Mikami and Sota Ichikawa

New Media Art by Seiko Mikami and Sota Ichikawa

BestBuzz can take your brand’s logo and transfer into a New Media Art QR Code.

New Media Art QR Code by BestBuzz

QR Code Designed by BestBuzz



For more New Media Art check out Rhizome.

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