iOS 7 release for the BestBuzz app

iOS 7 release for the BestBuzz app

With all the iOS 7 release buzz, we wanted to let you know what changes we will be making to our FREE BestBuzz app to ensure it runs smoothly on your beloved Apple smart device. (For those of you who may not know, BestBuzz is an app that  enhances your mobile experience by rewarding you for connecting with your favorite businesses.)

the BestBuzz iOS7 release

List of places on the BestBuzz iOS7 release

i Look Different

The first thing you will notice when you get the  iOS 7 release is that your customer profile page will fit in with the new look and feel of the latest Apple release. We  will also add some fun components to enhance your mobile experience between you and your favorite brands.

These will include:

  • A new points system
  • A rewards redemption element
  • A fun interactive geo-map

Look and Feel

You will notice a change to the look and feel of places that you can buzz-in to and it will be made much more interactive and dynamic!

Instead of a long list of venues where you can use BestBuzz, our iOS 7 release will mean you can see where your other friends are and what BestBuzz rewards they are enjoying.

Where is Everyone?

Looking at the NEW geo-map of your location can help you discover a new exciting business near you or maybe catch up with people you know nearby.

iOS7 looks smooth on BestBuzz

This is what your new profile page looks on the iOS 7 version of BestBuzz

What Do i Get?

The iOS 7 release will mean you can  get rewarded for every social media platform you connect BestBuzz to. You can also earn points every time you “buzz-in” at a business or connect with a brand.

These points can be redeemed using the BestBuzz app.

There’s Always That One Friend

Got a friend that doesn’t have an Apple phone?

No worries, have them text BUZZ to 63566 and the app will download free to their smart phone. BestBuzz is available on (Android, Blackberry 6.0+ and Windows)

What Do You Think?

Tell us what you think about the new release.

Do you prefer it? Are you excited to upgrade to it and start earning points to redeem rewards?

Is your business buzzing? get listed today on the BestBuzz app. Click on the button below to connect with with a team member.


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