Increase Car Sales using Digital Marketing

Increase Car Sales using Digital Marketing

Escalade increases car sales for Cadillac

Cadillac saw the importance of mobile marketing when they launched the new Escalade

Mobile Marketing in the Automotive World

In this mobile and social media focused world, car sales can be increased by turning two-dimensional print ads or billboards into mobile marketing experiences. According to the NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association), “88% of customers use the internet for research prior to visiting a dealership.”(Tweet that!) Social media advertising is vital for far-reaching, deep impressions for your dealership. Companies that don’t have a blog, Facebook page, Twitter, etc. are simply not reaching as many customers as they should.

BestBuzz is a mobile marketing tool that embraces mobile and social media marketing, allowing you to advertise to as many people as possible. Advertisements not only reach the Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest user, but their friends as well, reaching a whole gamut of potential customers, thus increasing conversions for dealerships.

Promoting the Caddy

In 2012, BestBuzz partnered with Cadillac to promote their new energy efficient Cadillac. In just 4 weeks, 629 potential buyers created a huge social reach of 282,000+ impressions in the DFW area. This resulted in 1,069 clicks by new Cadillac customers.

Nothing Trumps Loyalty

Using BestBuzz, every time someone views your ad, their information is added to a constantly updated CRM that provides tracking and allows you to contact customers that have interacted with your advertisement. This makes selling easier for car dealerships using because you retain a massive marketing using BestBuzz. The CRM can be a priceless commodity for dealerships that want to reward and thank loyal customers by offering coupons on dealer services such as oil changes, tune-ups, etc.

The Third Dimension of Advertising

Through interactive advertising, we transform paper and poster advertisements into something interactive and fun! Using a smartphone or mobile landing page, customers can be treated to coupon discounts, inside information, or regular updates on specials on hot-ticket cars. By adding BestBuzz to any advertisement, you create a third dimension of customer interest and increase car sales.

Download the Cadillac Case Study and see how you can increase car sales for your showroom using the BestBuzz mobile marketing tool.

Still have questions about digital marketing? Feel free to ask them below.

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