How to do Restaurant Mobile Marketing – 3 Important Questions To Ask Yourself

How to do Restaurant Mobile Marketing – 3 Important Questions To Ask Yourself

You have a restaurant full of diners using their devices, but how do you tap in to those devices to continue the marketing experience with them?

According to an article by David Schwartz of SteamFeed271 million adults own a mobile device of some sort and 91% of adult Americans have their phone within arms reach. Schwartz also went on to suggest, there are 3 questions restaurant marketers should ask themselves:

- How smart is your mobile marketing?
- Is mobile currently part of your marketing plan or do you plan to integrate it in the future?
- Do you know what your customer’s eyeballs are looking at?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions, it is time to educate yourself on mobile marketing with this handy infograph that outlines the history of mobile marketing and where you fit.

However, if  all these facts and figures just overwhelm you, we can help.

The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at at time, so why not let us help you take your first bite?

Our FREE personalized Mobile Assessment is a simple to follow guide that will show you what you are doing well and what actions you can take to improve your presence. You can keep and refer back to it as you work through your restaurant mobile marketing strategy.

BestBuzz’s mission is to make connections and start conversations. We do this by giving businesses an easy way to reward customers who spread the word on social media. BestBuzz is based on the simple idea that businesses and people both do better when they support each other. With BestBuzz, businesses grow and people get deals and exclusive offers. It’s one of those rare ‘everybody wins’ situations.

How can mobile marketing bring more customers to your restaurant?

Use Mobile Marketing to promote your restaurant



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