Earned vs. Paid Media: An Intro to Viral Marketing

Earned vs. Paid Media: An Intro to Viral Marketing

Earned vs. Paid Media, why does it matter?

The advent of social media has changed the way businesses talk to their customers. In fact, 93% of marketers use social media for business (WordPress Hosting SEO). Are you using Facebook? Have you seen a change in the way your posts are available to your followers? Are you finding engagement increasingly harder to achieve with your Facebook posts?

The reason for this may be due to the fact that Facebook now needs to generate revenue since it became public in early 2012.

Facebook’s customers are now brands and businesses, and the “product” that Facebook offers are the fans of those pages. So for you to be able to reach the product, Facebook wants you to take your owned media and turn it in to paid media, in the hope it will become earned.

Let’s break down those terms some more:


Use your owned media to create earned media for your next campaign with the BestBuzz Social Amplification Platform


This is a channel that a brand or business controls, such as a website, blog or Facebook fan page. These are all great ways to showcase your brand values and products as well as show what you know to your customers, but it can take time to scale. It also mainly speaks to people who already know about you, limiting exposure to new customers.

PAID Media

This is when a brand pays to leverage material on an owned media channel, such as display ads or sponsorship. This can be easy to scale and control, but it can also be hard to get consumers to respond to it as there is a danger it can look “spammy” and consumers may become “ad-blind.”


This really is the jewel in the crown for marketers. This is when your customers become the channel for your brand. Good word of mouth reach about your brand is always the most respected form of marketing, and these days well thought out and well executed mobile marketing campaigns have the potential to go VIRAL. If you get it wrong however, that VIRAL word of mouth reach may be negative, such as the case in the “Microsoft Vista Installs in 2 Minutes” video which at the time of writing has been seen by over 4 Million people.

The Solution

So how do you take your owned media and make it earned without spamming consumers with paid advertising and banner ads?

BestBuzz takes the time honored tradition of a word of mouth recommendation and instantly turns it in to earned media you can measure.

Do you want more earned media?

Paid vs Earned Media, who do your customers listen to?

Using smart phone Mobile Entry Points such as image recognition, BestBuzz allows you to share your owned media with your consumers using a revolutionary paid media tool, that encourages them to share it on the world’s most popular social media platforms.


Transform posters and mail pieces in to enhanced digital purchasing experiences that your customers will love. Stop talking about click through rates on Facebook posts and start talking about conversions delivered from your latest print and mobile initiatives.

To find out more about how the patent pending BestBuzz social amplification platform can generate conversions from earned media for your brand or business, contact us today.


What barriers have you encountered with your mobile marketing campaigns? What tips would you like to share to get owned media generating earned media? Tell us in the comments section below.

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