Barcodes to Custom QR Codes

Barcodes evolve to QR codes

Evolution of Barcodes to QR codes

QR codes can be found all over the place.  However,  you may not know what many techy folks have known about  for years; What QR Codes do and how useful they are. Here is a quick breakdown of the evolution of barcodes to custom qr codes to catch you up.

QR code is short for Quick Response Code.

What’s That?

A QR code is a type of barcode (matrix) that is two dimensional and can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters.  This set up makes for faster readability and greater storage capacity than traditional barcodes.  Basically, QR codes are like super barcodes and make it easy to create high-speed information transfer (holding a lot more info than the price of a can of soup).

How do I start Scanning?

Your smart phone can easily be transformed into a scanner by downloading a reader, which is QR speak for the mobile application that reads the codes. There are many readers on the market including, our personal favorite, the BestBuzz scanner which works on Android and iOS phones.

Text BUZZ to 635-66 to download the free BestBuzz QR code reader!

How are QR Codes Useful?

QR codes were designed in Japan, in 1994, by Toyota to track vehicles during manufacturing. QR Codes are still used today to track manufactured goods.

Payment-Short Payment Descriptor (SPAYD, SPD)
Money transfer is a new way QR codes are being used.  The Czech Banking Association recently adopted payment information transmitted by using QR codes.

Information transfer is made way too easy with a QR code.  You can open web pages on a mobile phone without having to type the long URL.  Retailers put QR codes in print ads so that customers can scan to learn more about the advertised product.   Museums use QR Codes so you can link to detailed information about exhibits. Musicians can use QR codes to direct fans to their music.

BestBuzz uses custom QR codes to connect customers with business owners. Customers scan, buzz, and receive rewards for sharing with friends.

QR Codes Can be made of Anything!

According to the Guiness book, the largest QR code in the world was created in a cornfield in Alberta, Canada.

Not sure if it worked…but this school attempted to create a QR code out of children in white and black shirts.

Chocolate is the best way to create QR codes. Check out this guy who made a QR code out of M&Ms.

Can I make a QR code?

Sure. There are many websites and apps that allow you to create your very own QR code.  For a really simple QR code go to QR Code Generator.  QR voice, created by Marcel Duran, is super fun. QR Voice can generate QR codes that link to audio files that will say anything you type.  Yes…anything.

Custom QR Codes

The real fun begins when you create custom qr codes.  Generic qr codes are often not scanned for fear of not knowing where it will lead you.  This is why a custom qr code is so important. Integrating a logo with your qr code creates trust, the custom qr code is more likely to be scanned.  Check out the custom qr code created for Baker’s Ribs a BBQ restaurant in Dallas, Texas.

Custom Qr Code

Custom QR Code Create for BBQ Restaurant by BestBuzz

New Media Art Discussion with Brittany Ransom

New Media Art Discussion with Brittany Ransom

February 27, 2013

Tonight in Dallas there is an excellent opportunity to learn more about New Media Art.  Brittany Ransom, a professor at SMU, will discuss the boundaries between interactive technology, art and nature.

This is one of many lectures, that features area college professors, in a series named DC University. Ten dollars is a steal to attend this workshop and as always members get in free. See you at the Dallas Contemporary at 7:00.

New Media art Discussion by Brittany Ransom  at the Dallas Contemporary.  February 27, 2013

New Media art Discussion by Brittany Ransom at the Dallas Contemporary. February 27, 2013

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New Media Art

BestBuzz loves New Media Art by Federico Solmi

We love technology.  We love art.

So it’s safe to say we love New Media Art.

Not familiar with New Media Art?  First we need to understand what New Media is.

New Media is not t.v., film,  magazines, books, or paper-based publications..aka Old School.
New Media is the internet, websites, computer multimedia,video games, GPS, and Wireless..aka New School.

Side Note:  Q.R. codes are considered new media, even though they are often printed on paper because they link to technologies that enable digital interactivity.

New Media Art is created with new media technologies.  This  includes digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, internet art, interactive art, video games, computer robotics, and art as biotechnology.

Some New Media Art Favorites.

Farm Fountain is an indoor ecosystem for growing edible and ornamental fish and plants.

BestBuzz loves New Media Art and Farm Fountain


E-Static Shadows is a  luminous electronic textile installation that acts as a static display or mirror, making invisible electrostatic charges generated by people visible.

E-Static Shadows New Media Art by Zane Berzina & Jackson Tan

E-Static Shadows New Media Art by Zane Berzina & Jackson Tan


 Gravicell: Gravity and Resistance  installation uses video projectors, screens, GPS receiver, custom made sensors, custom made steel panel floor, and  PCs to toy with the forces of gravity resistance.

New Media Art by Seiko Mikami and Sota Ichikawa

New Media Art by Seiko Mikami and Sota Ichikawa

BestBuzz can take your brand’s logo and transfer into a New Media Art QR Code.

New Media Art QR Code by BestBuzz

QR Code Designed by BestBuzz



For more New Media Art check out Rhizome.

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Access All Areas for The Oscars 2013

Set the stage for your Oscar 2013 entertainment this year

Set the stage for your Oscar 2013 entertainment this year

Sunday February 24th 2013 see’s the 85th Academy Awards, which for the first time will officially be called The Oscars 2013 in an attempt by organizers to reinvigorate the Hollywood event. Oscar fever is gathering momentum and this year more than ever is seems you can “boldly go where no eyes have gone before”.

This year there are many ways for you to celebrate the Academy Awards . You can watch a live stream from the internet, download official live streaming apps for mobile devices, (great news for all you “second screeners”!) and of course watch Hollywood’s finest  actors grace the red carpet on the traditional boob tube via ABC.

On Sunday, will launch Backstage Pass online via the official App. This will give fans of The Oscars unprecedented access to the award show.  This backstage pass will be a welcome compliment to the live telecast.  Equipped with a Thank You Cam, Backstage Cam, Control Room Cam, and Press Room Cam, this app has all you need to see exclusive live shots throughout the night making it a must- have addition to the multi-screen, cross media consumption we crave.

Live Stream links

Follow the Tweets on Twitter. Click here

Follow AP Live’s profile on Livestream for updates on this live event. Click here

Join the Oscar RoadTrip when they wrap up a three week adventure at the awards. Click here


Download the Official Oscar App and get the Backstage Pass and many other features. Click here

Tune in to E! for Live! From the Red Carpet countdown with host’s Catt Sadler and Terrence Jenkins.  Click here

BestBuzz’s Oscar Nominated favorite is Denzel Washington for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Flight.

BestBuzz’s Oscar Nominated Favorite is Argo for Best Picture.

We would love to hear which movies and actors you think deserve an Oscar this year.

If you would like more information about BestBuzz and our mobile marketing solutions, please contact us at Download the BestBuzz App today by texting BUZZ to 635-66.