Buzzing Definitions: Digital Marketing Acronyms

Buzzing Definitions: Digital Marketing Acronyms

We live in a world of Twitter, texting and not enough time so of course we must live with acronyms. But what do all of these digital marketing acronyms mean? Econsultancy released a list of 100 frequently used digital marketing acronyms and today we are sharing a few of theirs plus a few that are used in the digital marketing world of BestBuzz.
BestBuzz Digital Terms and Digital Acronyms

B2B - Business to Business

B2C - Business to Consumer

CMS - Content Management System

CPA - Cost Per Acquisition / Action

CPC - Cost Per Click

CPM - Cost Per Thousand

KPI - Key Performance Indicator

PR - PageRank

PV - PageViews

To read the full list of Digital Acronyms go here.

Common BestBuzz Digital Marketing Acronyms

App – Mobile phone application such as BestBuzz

BuzzCode – Our Patented Round QR Code Design (Which makes your code stand out in the QR Code clutter.)

Buzz-In – When someone uses the free BestBuzz app to scan a BuzzCode and generate Social Buzz for your brand.

CTA – Call To Action

CTR – Click Thru Rate

MLP – Mobile Landing Page

NFC – Near Field Communication

Scans – When someone uses a QR Code Reader/App to scan a QR Code

SMS – Short Message Service (Commonly known as Text Messaging.)

Short Code SMS - A special text code for people to download the BestBuzz app. (ex. text BUZZ to 635-66 to download the app)

SoLoMo – Social Local Mobile

What acronyms do you use in your daily digital life? BestBuzz wants to know, so please tell us in the comment section. If you would like more information about BestBuzz and our mobile marketing solutions, please contact us at Download the BestBuzz App today by texting BUZZ to 635-66.

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