7 Tips for Social Media Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

7 Tips for Social Media Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

Big brands are realizing that social media is “where it’s at” when it comes to engaging with their customers. Facebook ‘likes’ are important, but now brands are needing to show conversions from these channels. Using social media to drive owned media into earned media is the name of the game. When content on owned channels such a Facebook or Twitter get shared by followers, those shares are considered earned media. These shared messages increase the ROI of social media activities, hopefully turning the friends of your followers into leads and down the path to purchase.

To increase your earned media and, in turn sales, make sure you are on the correct social media channel for your customers.

Is your business a B2B organization? Using LinkedIn is a great vehicle to reach B2B customers. It’s full of groups and forums that you can share original content to generates brand awareness and drives traffic to your site. Since you’re there, why not start your own group to be seen as an “industry influencer?”

If you are in the restaurant industry, you will definitely want to be in the Instagram and Twitter space. Showing off your restaurant’s signature dishes or a new delivery of fresh food on these image heavy channels will surely attract new customers, while keeping your current customers up to date on your latest creations.

Each channel has it’s pros and cons, so think about your industry, business, and ideal customers. Then you should have a better understanding of what social media channels you should be using.

To help you get started, we have attached is a handy infographic that shows you 7 tips for social media success from our friends at puralotor.com.


 (Source: Purlator)

Ready to get started, but still think you need a little help? Or maybe you’re already in this space and want to see what can be done even better? Speak to BestBuzz to get a free Social Media Assessment for your business. We can also show you some tips and tricks you can used to maximize your print media.

What social media networks are you on? Where have you had the most success? Tell us in the comments section below.

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