4 Truths About Mobile Commerce You Need to Know About

4 Truths About Mobile Commerce You Need to Know About


The biggest trend in marketing these days is a huge focus on cross channel strategies with a focus on eCommerce. The idea of creating a seamless experience from one channel to the next is what is on a lot of CMO’s minds. However, just apply the quick fix of mirroring your website into a mobile version or application isn’t going to gain you great success.

The trick is to understand your customers’ expectation and goals when they are on mobile. These goals vary per industry and can be very different from their typically behavior in store or even on a personal computer. Take the financial industry for example. Chances are customers would apply for a large loan in person or on a personal computer. So, having the application button front and center on a mobile landing page would be a waste of space. Knowing these types of customer insights will help you optimize your site and improve your customers’ experience.

We know that mobile usage is increasing, and with that increasing use, comes increasingly higher expectations. Customers want easy-to-use interfaces, customized experiences based on their needs and behaviors, faster load times so they don’t have to be delayed in getting their work done on-the-go, and personalized and relevant offers in their hands. It doesn’t matter what a customer is doing when they are on your mobile app or at your mobile website, if you failing to meet their expectations can be damaging to your brand and eventually cost you money.

With all of that in mind, here are the 4 Truths About Mobile Commerce you Need to Know About:

 The customer experience should be your North Star.
    • 65% of Americans most value an easy-to-use experience and the fast loading of pages and images when visiting a retailer’s mobile site. <Tweet It!>
Offline experiences are enhanced with mobile devices
  • 50% of Americans use their smartphone or tablet on the way to a retail store or while in-store. <Tweet It!>
Customers will spend on mobile devices, but it has limits
  • 48% of American are willing to spend between $50 and $150 on a single retail purchase from their smartphone or tablet. 23% of Americans are willing to spend over $200 on a single retail purchase from their mobile device. <Tweet It!>
A poor customer experience on mobile can push them into your competitor’s arms
  • 39% of American would leave and visit a competitor’s mobile site, and never return, as a result of a poor users experience. 23% would return less often following a poor experience. <Tweet It!>

What do these truths tell us?  That customer experience is the number 1 factor that needs to be considered when navigating this increasingly mobile world. There is a clear demand for mobile commerce and CMO’s as well as most brands are aware of this fact. The key is to make sure that all mobile experiences are optimized for their target customer, customized when appropriate and always provide a seamless checkout process.

How has mobile commerce affected your bottom line? What implementations did you have to use to improve sales? Let’s discuss.


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