32 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

32 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social media is the must-have item for businesses these days. But, how do we turn social interactions online into measurable sales? Simply being on Facebook or having followers on Twitter is not enough. If you are going to spend time on these social media platforms, use them to drive sales for your business.

Social Media is your owned media channel; use it to turn your offers, promotions and exclusive content into earned media!

Do This, Not That of Social Media

Rather than write a long blog to show you how to maximize your social media efforts, we borrowed this handy infographic from the core blog. The core is written by intelligent people over at DMA Solutions who produce useful infographics (Thanks guys!). 

The infographic is broken down into a handy “Do’s and Dont’s” list, such as DO: Talk about the passions of your audience and DON’T: Try to be on every social platform that exists.

Do This, Not That of Social Media

(Source: the core)

What has gone well for you with your social media strategy? What topics or conversations drive the most interactions on your accounts? Have you seen sales growth due to your social media activities? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.

Do you still need help with social media amplification for your campaigns? Feel free to talk to us here at BestBuzz. We can offer a digital assessment of your business or we can take it one step forward and help you fine tune your social media marketing with our social amplification tool.

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